7 Aries Prominent Traits

7 Prominent Traits of an Aries You Must Know

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Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac in Astrology or Jyotisha. Mars, the red planet is this ruling planet of the sign. In Astrology, there are 3 modalities on which a sign is expressed. They are- Moveable, Fixed, and Dual.  Aries falls under the moveable sign which means the natives born under this sign are flexible and dynamic in nature. On the basis of the element, Aries is a fire sign.

Aries Zodiac Date Range: March 21 – April 19

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Symbol: The Ram

Ruling planet: Mars 

Besides that, Aries has a lot of varieties and diversities to dwell upon. Discussing all of those in a one go can be “too much sweet being bitter”. So to give you a better sense of what it really means to be born under this very first sign of the zodiac wheel, here are the  7 of the most prominent recognized qualities and attributes of Aries Natives.

1. Natural-born leader

Mars being the planet of soldier and war, Aries native carries the charisma of a go-getter. They are the natural-born leader. They know what it takes to be a person of good leading abilities. They thrive in positions of power. They prefer to do things their way rather than blindly following the rest of the pack.

2. Straight-forward 

Aries Natives are opinionated as hell and they make sure their voice is heard. They are not the ones who hide behind the curtain whilst giving their opinions. They are extremely honest and direct with people. when people try to feed them lies they will give them a sniff of a reality check. They won’t go badmouthing you behind your back. They tend to be extremely vocal and outspoken and they refuse to be intimidated into silence by others.

3. Energetic

Aries love to indulge in a lot of outdoor activities. They are always full of energy. Since, the lord is Mars, Aries natives have that packed energy of a soldier who is ready to go for a war. This impeccable intensity of energy makes them stand out in a group of players in a sport. They do very well  at the sports too.

4. Competitive

Aries natives are very competitive when it comes to their personality testing. They are well known for their competitive characteristics. They are fierce opponents who have a never back down type of attitude that few can match. heir competitive nature means that they usually succeed quite well in all areas of their life. If it is a case of working harder or smarter, those under this sign will always succeed. They like to be challenged which means that their lives are rarely boring or repetitive.

5. Honest

The most guileless, innocent, and trusting of all signs is the Aries. Their level of honesty and integrity makes them unique among all the other signs. They will not hesitate to share their feelings in the most honest possible way. “Honesty is the best policy” is the motto on which Aries lives their entire life.

6. Adventurous

Known to be characteristic adventurers, an Aries will consistently feel a solid motivation to explore. They are additionally exceptionally partial to being the star any place they go, and they sparkle brilliantly in social circumstances. People born under the Aries sign are always seeking adventure. Aries natives are always looking for something new, getting bored with a task isn’t an option for them. 

7. Independent

They are very independent in their work. An Aries won’t call up another person for doing their work not even for helping them. They like to do their every action on their own. This makes them very success-oriented as well. Instead, they will offer a helping hand to others rather than asking for one.

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Besides these amazing 7 traits, there are some areas where Aries needs some improvements. They are: 

Short temper

They are not very good at hiding their frustrations and their anger. People around them will somehow know whenever they get angry. The temper of Aries can suddenly explode without being aware. So this is the point, where Aries people need to be more careful and cautious for their future improvement.

Blind optimism

Having too much optimism can be a tool for someone else to use you. So, being too optimistic can sometimes break the unrealistic expectations in the realistic world. So Aries needs to have a certain boundary while implying optimism.


Most of the Aries decisions in life come from rapid impulse. This is due to the energy of the soldier-like planet mars. You cannot have the privilege of sitting and thinking in a war zone. You need to act very quickly. SO this impulsive quality can sometimes not yield good results in the long term. So, this is also the area Aries people need to work on.