Are you Spiritual? Know through Vedic Jyotisha

Are you Spiritual? Know through Vedic Jyotisha

Spirituality is an individual experience and referred to as ksaitrajña (Sanskrit: क्षैत्रज्ञ[). It defines as one’s journey towards moksha, awareness of self, the discovery of higher truths, the true nature of reality, and a consciousness that is liberated and content.

Are You Spiritual?

Spirituality is the path to know the true self of a being. In Sanskrit, it is termed as Adhyatma. The fact that the Jyotisha Shastra is a product of spiritual practices of our Rishis and Munis, makes spirituality more important in Jyotish. One can know his/her spiritual life through the birth chart.

The Birth Chart is a universe in itself. There is nothing hidden in a birth chart, the only question is about the astrologer who is gonna decode that. Nothing remains hidden inside a birth chart, not even our spiritual life. So today we are going to see whether, you are spiritual or are you inclined towards spirituality?

To begin with, the process of knowing one’s spiritual life begins with three divisional charts. Ther are:

1.Rasi chart [D-1]
2.Navamsa chart [D-9]
3.Vimsamsa chart [D-20]

According to Maharishi Parashara, the Vimsamsa chart is mainly used to analyze the spiritual life of a person.
Placement of your 5th and 8th lords (from D-1) in D-20 indicates ‘real’ spiritual inclination.

Going deep into divisional chart may cause some confusion initially so here we will start with D1 Chart or your Lagna Chart. In your D1 chart, the 9th house is your belief system, religious values, and spiritual inclination as well. The moksha house 12th house is the final place to look into if you are checking the spiritual pursuits in your D1 chart.

Here are some of the combinations in your D1 Chart which will be making you highly spiritual.

Saturn in 9th house

This is often termed Sadhu Yoga. If Saturn alone is residing in the 9th house without getting any planetary aspects, then it is said that the person will be either initiated to become a monk or a sanyasi. Saturn Dasha plays a pivotal role here.

Ketu in 12th house

Ketu is a very spiritual Graha in Jyotish. The 12th house is termed the house of liberation. So, Ketu sitting in the 12th house, best if Jupiter aspecting it, will make a native Atmagyani, meaning he/she will spend his time and energy to know himself/herself. A very good example of Ketu in the 12th house is, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


Birth Chart of SadhguruAre You Spiritual

Moon Saturn combination

Moon is the mind and Saturn is fakir(monk). Moon Saturn is often considered as Vish Yoga. However, this is an excellent placement if you are into spirituality. Swami Vivekananda had Moon Saturn yoga in karma sthan. We all know how revolutionary spiritual monk he was.

Birth Chart of Swami Vivekananda
Are You Spiritual

Jupiter-Ketu Combinations

Jupiter is the wisdom and Ketu is vairagya. This combination makes natives move towards spirituality through religion because Jupiter is the lord of natural 9th house(house of religion). Jupiter and Ketu sitting together makes the native very spiritually inclined in his/her life.

Four or more planets in a single house

Four or more planets in a single house create yoga for renunciation. This placement is called Sannyas Yoga in Jyotish. However, these planets should not be combusted by Sun. This placement makes the native either a monk or lives a life full of detachment. The birth Chart of Rajneesh Osho is a good example of this Yoga. however, he redefined the concept of Sannyas but remained on the direct spiritual path.

                                              Birth Chart Of OSHOosho rajneesh birth chart 1


1.Connections between the Dharma houses of 1, 5, and 9 with the Moksha houses of 4, 8, and 12 show spiritual inclinations.

2.Retrograde planets in the 1, 5, and 9 houses give a tendency towards the practices of tantra.

These are some of the popular Yogas to be spiritual or get inclined towards spirituality. If you have any of these yogas, then be ready to taste the honey of spirituality. However, this no the limit. Holistic chart analysis can decode more spiritual yogas in your chart. So chill!