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Element-Water | Gender- Female | Ruler- Mar

Brishik/ Scorpio : The Meaning and Properties of Brischik in Vedic Astrology. Which sign and which house does Scorpio/Brischik rules?

Scorpio is the 8th sign which indicates 8th house of horoscope, which is of secrecy, hidden talent, research and mysteries.

Scorpion Personality life life

Scorpions upholds the water Nature which means you are soft from inner heart but if you are hurt for several times you penetrate through the stone to dissect it. These folks possess the darker side (not negative) of Mars which means you possess the stamina to fight against for long period of time. You never want to get down with anything or anyone but you also don’t want to make it an issue so you don’t reveal it out rather put it within you.

Scorpions Life and misery

Scorpions are very sensitive with their heart so the state of their mind changes frequently i.e. they become happy and sad with very tiny things in their life. These people are of quite shy nature but their shyness doesn’t last longer. These people are not clever enough which means s/he easily gets influenced with the words of people so they trust others blindly. Mars people generally get acne at the age of 13 to 21 and later disappears. They may also hide their problems as long as the mars has positive attitude towards their mind. Once the fiercely mars activates in their mind they won’t think of the person next to them and war zone starts.

Scorpions Career and Development

The best career of the Scorpions includes scientists, authors, dramatic actors, surgeons etc. Beyond these they get involve in those kinds of work in which they must do with finding the truth about their life.

Talking about their love life, as they have water nature they make a most loyal partner. In relationship, they are most dedicated one. They get hurt in very small issues with their partners. There will be always romance in their partnership if well accepted by Venus. People also read the following: Mars in Capricorn/4th house Vedic Gem Stones and your Zodiac Meditation for Beginners. Note: This is not a complete description of scorpions, so please do not take this a a final dictum. Will try to update more in coming days.

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