Challenging the Challenges

What happens when you lose someone you loved? What happens is when you divorce your wife or husband? What happens when you are fired? What if you can’t get a job and still looking for it?

In life, challenges came as love, relationships, objects, education, career, success, time management, daily activities, change, swear, small talk promise, commitments, earnings, fame, class and so on.

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See below if any of these challenges have impacted your life.

Fear: People chose challenges and do not accept them.

Depression: People chose challenges and hide them.

Anxiety: people chose challenges and fight against it.

Disappointment: People chose challenges and desire something else.

Pain: People chose challenges and do nothing.

Yes, there are challenges in life at this stage you are in or will be in after a few days later. You may have passed those challenges which your friend is going through right now. Challenges never discriminate people to provide its full experience to all the people equally for all level of people living in.

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Challenges are just opposite to horizon. The horizon appears but isn’t actually. Challenges are not seen but they are and they leave the strongest and brightest scar in life as a memory or learning. When challenges are experienced it nurtures our life and gives a deep understanding of life full of calmness, strength and teachings.

I remembered an incident in my life from school days. One day I was walking down by the walkway towards my school. It had just stopped from raining. Suddenly a car passed and put road water in my school dress. You didn’t felt any pain or weirdness if you have passed this age but think the same situation and you were in a hurry for your office and the boss already gives you a call for an urgent meeting. It’s still fresh in my memory and had impacted my life and that situation taught me a lesson to be aware in the rain while walking. And sometimes as time passes, that stressful, anxious, sad, traumatic situation makes you smile in your face. You have that learning to acknowledge that situation and let it go. The forgiveness inside you turns that situation into the experience. Else I would have gone to look after that driver that would create more chaos.

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The challenges allow us to gain more insights and understanding of that particular thing or situation. It enlightens yourself through that knowledge and experience. The more we open up and acknowledge the presence of that challenge, acknowledge the causing factor in it, we become free from it. It is more of acknowledgement, forgiveness to self, attention to the causing factor. Once you become learned you are free from it. No same things bother twice. if it bothered again means you haven’t fully experienced and acknowledged those challenges.

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What happens when you lose someone you loved? What happens is when you divorce your wife or husband? What happens when you are fired? What if you can’t get a job and still looking for it? A young mind does not want to learn. These are the people whose take problems are object and look from the solution, not the suggestions. If you are young or if your mind is young you look for a solution. You wanted to solve the problem. You wanted to something new to solve or eliminate the situation and uplift the current situation. The matured mind try to find the source of the problems and try to address them. They go thoroughly into the problems and try to acknowledge the situation. It now does not become a problem but they act as a stepping stone in their success.