Confrontation with Powerful Rahu: Is Rahu good or Bad?

Confrontation with Powerful Rahu: Is Rahu good or Bad?

Finally, the day had come.  The day of my departure with Rahu. It took me more than 18 years to finish the Mahadasha of Rahu. I am glad to know the fact that now I won’t be in illusion more.

Confrontation with Powerful Rahu: Is Rahu good or Bad?

I am entering Building C which is named “Mahadashas”. I am now heading towards the cabin of Rahu to have a goodbye talk with him.

Confrontation with Powerful Rahu: Is Rahu good or Bad?


Me: May I enter, Rahu?

Rahu(with his quirky voice): Ah, Abhimat!! It’s you. Common you don’t have to ask to enter. You know I am not too formal like Saturn. Just enter like none is inside.

Me: Thank you Rahu, but I guess I am not you now because you won’t have much impact on me. So asking permission before entering should be my priority.

Rahu: You are still in illusion then. Ah, I see!! 


Rahu: Leave it. How was your experience with me? Did you not enjoy the wit and seeking nature of mine?

Me: WELL, In a way I have to agree, because of you I learned many new subjects and learned to become dynamic. But the thing is Rahu, I don’t want all these materialistic pleasures. They are just temporary and will fade away one day. What will I do with your sense of cravings of material pursuits when one day I have to leave this body and go away.??? To be very honest, I am happy that your time with me is over now. Sorry if that was a bit rude.

Rahu: Oh pity you. Seems like you learned nothing. Okay, listen! Since now I am leaving larger control over you now, let me tell you what I am. You still have a lot of confusion about my way of making you enlightened.

Me: (confused)* Enlightened? Rahu, you joking right? You and enlightenment are just opposites. One is the path of detachment whereas you are the way of attachment yourself. Don’t bluff me, RAHU!! At least be honest at the time of departure.

Rahu: (smirks) Yes. This discretion of yours, Abhimat, is the main hindrance for your path to Self Realisation. Okay, let me give you a context. tell me what does sugar taste like?

Me: That’s very obvious, isn’t it? Of course, sugar tastes sweet.

Rahu: Yes, but imagine I haven’t tasted it yet. I don’t know what is something to be called “sweet”. How will you explain the sweetness of sugar to someone who hasn’t tasted it yet? 

Me(more confused): Well, I cannot explain that I assume. One has to taste right? To know what is sweet?

Rahu: Yes, You hit the bull’s eye. Life is just like that Abhi!! You said I am an attachment but you like detachment. But how will you know what is detachment without knowing about attachment in the first place??

Me: I still didn’t get it?

Rahu: See, just like in order to know the sweetness you needed to put the sugar into your tongue and taste nit. In a similar sense, in order to know attachment brings suffering, you need to get attached in the first place na? How do you know attachment causes suffering if you don’t even experience it? Only after you suffer attachment, you seek freedom, solace and choose to be detached. How do you know material things are temporary if you don’t use them?  

The thing is Abhi, You need to experience every attachment, material pleasure in this world. You told me everything is temporary on our initial talk because you experienced that and realized that. Without that experience, do you really think you would know what is attachment and what is detachment?

Me: (shocked in silence)but but…….. 

                                        *Rahu interrupts my silence*

Rahu: See, Abhi!! I know most of the people down there hate me and are using me to blame every evil action. But I am telling this to you. I am the reason why people are able to exist for a reason.

Me: What???? How??

Rahu: Because I am the attachment. I am the desire. Why do you think you get birth in a particular house in a particular family? That’s because your past life unfulfilled desires are me myself, my boy. I am the desire. I am the Vaasna(desire). I am your desire to get born again and again on this planet. You will change your body again and again until your whole desires get fulfilled. 

Once, your every desire gets handled and burned up, then I pass you to my body counterpart i.e. Ketu. He will then give you liberation from this birth-death cycle. However, if u still have unfulfilled desires left then you will be born because that desire to get born is my energy Abhi.

                               I am the reason for your existence!!!! 

Me: But what about those astrologers and gurus who ask us to stay away from you and material attachments?

Rahu:(laughs) Haha time they say this to you, ask them the analogy of sugar and sweetness and see how they respond. Now you will be going under Jupiter’s Mahadasha. See the pattern Abhi. It’s very visible. Only after the experience, that is me myself, you will get to know the knowledge, that is Jupiter. 

Listen to everyone but act from your self-consciousness (Swa-Viveka). I made you a bhogi, my boy. Now use that experience to be either a yogi or a Jogi. I wish you all the best for your Jupiter’s Company.

Me: (embarrassed) So you are not that bad as people interpret. I am really sorry Rahu for misunderstanding you.

Rahu: Oh common. You learned Jyotish just due to my seeking nature. You know I don’t do formalities like THANK YOU, SORRY ETC. Tell that to Saturn. And about being good and bad, there is nothing like good and bad in this existence. Everything is here for a reason and they serve their own purpose. You know I am often a snake’s head, right? 

If anyone thinks I am doing bad to him/her, just tell them to surrender over Nagendra Haraya(Lord Shiva who wears the garland of Snake). He will guide them to nondualism and break their perception of good and bad.

(Someone knocks on the door)

Rahu: Okay, Abhimat. I guess I have a new guest who will be under my control for 18 years now. Now it’s his turn to be a bhogi. It was nice talking to you.

Me: Thank you RAHU!!For making me look the same world but with new eyes now. I will not let people use you to justify their evil actions now. Thank you again.!!  

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Above is the conversation of mine with the shadowy Graha Rahu. Here are some of the things you might wanna know on detailing.

  1. Rahu rules Brown Color that is why Brown font is used for Rahu.
  2. Jupiterian Color(Orange/Yellow) is used for Me, as Jupiter Dasha starts after Rahu ends.

The sequence of Vimshottari Mahadashas:

Planet    Time span
Sun         6 years
Moon     10 years
Mars       7 years
Rahu       18 years
Jupiter    16 years
Saturn     19 years
Mercury   17 years
Ketu          7years
Venus      20 years