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Things to Remember

Element- Fire | Gender- Male | Ruler- Jupiter

Sagittarius is the 9th house of Our Zodiac sign which is the house of Dharma, spirituality. Sagittarius , itself being a philosopher, is ruled by wisdom planet Jupiter. The secret things about them is they may contradict themselves on philosophy and wisdom. They tend to possess many philosophical ideology but Due to their practical nature and Jupiter wisdom of inner self, they in their life span suffer in between.

These people are the teachers, masters and pioneer of any ideas. They would become rarest person if they choose to teach any new ideas to the people surrounding them. They keep on learning from other and also from the nature if they didn’t find any people to teach them.

Sagittarius with first pada i.e Moola nakshatra (birth name start with ya, yo,bha, bhi) Want to find the root of everything they start to do. They tend to destroy or build from the scratch. Many Astrologer debate with people born in this Nakshatra try to harm themselves but instead I would like to emphasis with the thing that thing people in modern age try to find the true meaning of life and teach about life. These folks are researcher, scientist of Modern philosophical ideas. (Kapiel 2017)

Sagittarius people born on Purva Ashada Nakshatra people may possess all the above and are genuine and honest. They too expect honesty in return. They like to travel more and would also have much fun travelling on water rides.

Third Nakshatra people posser more of disciplined nature and are stubborn too. These folks don’t like to change their ideology with no evidence in front of them.

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