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Today is February  1, 2020 and the Moon is transitioning in Mesh/ Aries at around 6 degrees. Moon will stays in Mesha Rashi or Zodiac for till 3rd of January 5 am or 5:49 am approximately. Just trying to make little information and humorous.

Today Panchanga:

Magha | Shukla Paksha | Ritu – Shishira | Uttarayana (North hemisphere) | Bikram Sambat – 2076

Mesh/ Aries

Your today depends on yesterday night. It would be a Medium day for you but you will be more energised gradually and find a way to tackle your challenges. Be honest in workplace and everything will be fine. Its time for your to get rid of any secrets you have. Avoid eating non-Veg on Tuesday. Seek advice and have respect for everyone.


Medium. Moon is enimity to Shukra. This does not mean Moon is causing any effect in Brish. You are good to go. Think well while you are out for travel, shopping or hospital check up. Listen to your wife and pay her attention mostly, today and tomorrow. If you are thinking for travel then its a good time to start. Avoid dating with TWO.


Good. Income flows from more then one sources. The public relationship will be like a teacher and a couch. If you are student, that will be very good. Better think to manage relationship and give it a chance to go. If someone is following you for your body just let them know you are VEG. your life will be saved from unnecessary people about you.

Karkat/ Cancer

Very Good. Most interesting person in work. And its best to travel away from home and loved one or find a new one to. There might be conflict in your service/jobs office/with boss. Tell him/her to be quite for few days and it will be fine. You will be distracted in relationships for a month, Don’t be. stay still and motivated. If you are about to get divorced then its the time to lodge the bill or contact me if you both want to stay together. Try hypnotherapy….

Simha/ Leo

Good friends with Mood so its good time for you. You become more romantic then ever with little bit of anxiety in your sub-consciousness. It great time to deal with your enemy, study abroad. You are very lucky, charming and charismatic today. Don’t get into the trap of your enemy else you won’t be alive for romance.

Kanya/ Virgo

Medium. Don’t get near water these days. Become courageous and show your ability to think about yourself. If you are over 17, its time for you to travel away from home, study abroad. And become aware of your long distance relationship. Life’s short, enjoy and be more communicative with partner and people around you.

Tula/ Libra

Medium. Good income through sales and marketing. If you are struggling to find a job then ask help to your partner or friend of your partner. Its time to face the challenges your self or start a new one. stay strong and move on.

Brishchik/ Scorpio

Strong and dedicated. Income through Public marketing and PR. It is better to avoid gambling if you have a habit of doing so. Put your strength in achieving your goals of life. Sharpen you brain and think out of the box taking long deep breaths before starting any task or job. Listen more then you react.

Dhanu/ Sagittarius

Very Good. its like a romantic day starting yesterday. Saving in bank this time would be more which is too rare. Good luck if you are thinking of buying lands or house. Just think of better direction and Vastu. This is the time to empire yourself. Get everything you want which of course will filter your unnecessary friends, ego and anger. This makes your life perfect or else get help from Jyotish Prakash Basistha.

Makar/ Capricorn

The load from Sadesati Dasha (Period) may be lessen for a while or would be extreme if you didn’t manage to learn more about the cause and effect of Sade sati Dasha. It a time to go deeper and deeper into subconscious and let your emotions flow. Focus on Savings and buying or selling something such as land or vehicle. Its will definitely increase your income and your hours of work if you become more proactive. This is just like a time where you are in the Karmic temple, its depends on your karma do bring more or stuck in that.

Kumbha/ Aquarius

if you determined to be or win then you will. You have luck, you have time, you can do it but do it in the right way. Just remember this is the right time to do. Ask help from family and you win the world. You will be hardworking and your hard work will be paid off effectively. The karma isn’t bitch for you its a beach if you make it.

Meena/ Pisces

It might be the right time to change career, job and get rid of those people who tend to annoy you in workplace. Speak about them loud so that they can hear. Travel Abroad. Get married with in abroad or foreign person. There can be mixed results in your income but that would be perfect if you have the saving before. Learn to be empathetic towards others to earn life goals.

Solutions to your Problems

There isn’t. Unless you accept your present situations. And there are solutions for even the fear of death that could unleash your potential to find the purpose of your life. Find meaning to your life.

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