Mithun | Gemini

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Things to Remember

Element- Air| Gender- Neutral | Ruler- Mercury

Gemini are are born communicative and also represent the 3rd sign of Vedic Astrology. The third house represents siblings and relationship with them, media, networking skills, writing and speaking too. It also promotes courage.

They can have courage to create much more and intense relationship with their siblings.

And as we know, The sign Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury which is the manager or Significator of the above qualifications, So if he/she pushes a bit more will gain a lot of wealth through communication and speaking ability and language. If this planet is disturbed at the birth of the native then you may face issues regarding speaking ability, voice, and managing ability. (Kapiel, 2017)

These people are highly communicative and are most wanted people in any organization. Gemini people can handle any situation with their speaking ability. They possess more characteristics of Mother and want more to make his/her mother happy. They are always capable of or creating happiness on their own.

Finally, If the Mercury is in its own sign in 1, 3,4,5,7,9,10,11 of the house in the horoscope or natal chart then the person will be much more benefited.

The people will create their wealth through their wealth from the profession of manager, Accountant or a fictions writer.


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