7 Horoscope Compatibility Checks You Should Explore While Dating

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The First Date and Horoscope Compatibility

The date is memorable whether it is fruitful or not if you ever dated anyone. Have this thought of being with this person together for your entire life poped in your head on your entire dating session. Maybe yes or maybe no. No, because you want to enjoy life with different persons.

The RAHU in its cosmic form inside us wants to grab all the hot boys or girls from the town. You want to have more than one, in fact, all the beautiful or handsome ones. And it’s a human desire (RAHU) that is present in all human beings. But if Yes, you have thoughts about spending life together then this article is for you.

Talk About Horoscope Compatibility

or, Have you have had ever talk about horoscopes compatibility like Rashi, and Lagna (Ascendant), or Anything about Guna Milan. Well, you should. This is now new trend to talk about Rashi, and their relationship.  To have knowledge about Rashi and its characteristics is advantages, its a smart way to learn more about the person you are dating. Carrying a smart phone with smart knowledge of Rashi or Jyotish is smatter.

Rashi with House4

If you are Brishav(2) Rashi as per Vedic Astrology or eastern Jyotish and your partner on the date is Kumbha(11), you might want a  bit of freedom from your partner long term relationship.  There is a formula to know about horoscope compatibility.

Horoscope Compatibility (HC) = Your Partner Rashi – Your Rashi.

Here it is, C= 11-2 = 9.

Kumbha is attached to Brshiav in case of partner but Brishav wants a freedom in relationship.

So, What is the Formula for Horoscope compatibility?

The formula for Horoscope Compatibility is:


where , YR= Your Rashi & YPR = Your Partner Rashi

Horoscope Compatibility Results?

0 is compatible and sometimes no, check Lagna difference for second compatibility. 

If the differences are less than or equal to 5, then it’s incompatible.  Check other points too, for more compatibility.

if the difference between your Rashi and your partner Rashi or Your partner Rashi and your Rashi is >5 and < 9, this is considered as compatible.

Vedic Techniques To Find the Rashi Horoscope Compatibility:

The easiest way to find the quick compatibility is to know your friends, Rashi friendliness. The best dates the Aries could have is with Mithun, Simha, Dhanu and Kumbha. This is compatible signs to each other according to the Vedic Rashi friendship with the Rashi as mentioned in Vedic Scripts. But to increase the probability of Long term relationship and marriage, think about the first Horoscope Compatibility Formula as well.  Hope you are reading this and not being sad that you might lose your boyfriend/girlfriend. But, What If this has saved your future relationship and should not visit an astrologer to booking an appointment to resolve the relationships issues between the two. 

Mesh (1) Friendly with Mithun (3), Simha (5) and Dhanu(9), Kumbha(11).

Brishav Friendly with Meena (12), Karkat (4 ) Kanya(6) and Makar (10).

Mithun(3) Friendly with Mesh(1), Simha(5), Tula (7) and Kumbha(11).

Karkat(4) Friendly with Brishav(2), Kanya(6), Brishchik(8) and Meena(12).

Simha(5) Friendly with Mithun(3), Tula(7), Mesha(1) and Dhanu(9).

Kanya(6) Friendly with Karkat(4), Brishchik(8), Brishav(2)and Makar(10).

Kanya(6) Friendly with Simha(5), Dhanu(9), Mithun(3) and Kumbha(11).

Brishchik(8) Friendly with Kanya(6), Makar(10), Karkat(4) and Meena(12).

Dhanu(9) Friendly with Tula(7), Kumbha(11), Mesh(1) and Simha(5).

Makar(10) Friendly with Brishchik(8), Meena(12), Brishav(2) and Kanya(6).

Kumbha(11)Friendly with Dhanu(9), Mesh(1), Mithun(3) and Tula(7).

Meena(12) Friendly with Makar(10), Brishav(2), Karkat(4) and Brishchik(8).

Talk About Who You Are?


This is about the real you, not your name or your parent’s name or the lineage or GOTRA Milan. Yeah, you don’t want to spoil your first date but if you have any thoughts that this person might be your wife or husband then you should ask more about them and tell yours too.

This is about Lagna in Vedic Astrology and if that person has something that does not align with yours then, rethink about the next date but also with the next person.

Talk About Shukra: the Planet of Desire

Horoscope Compatibility_Ask Jyotish

Get your mobile app and download any Astrology app and look at the Birth chart or Lagna Chart. Here, see the placement of Shukra (Venus). In the image, the planet Shukra is indicated by “Sk” and is positioned with Mesha which is called ninth house in Vedic Astrology counting from Lagna(First House).

Look at your partner Birth Chart or Lagna Chart and find her/his Placement of Shukra in that chart. If Yours and your date Shukra is placed same house (box)or different house(2nd,6th,8th,12th house) which is crossed with red in Kanya Rashi(6), Makar Rashi(10), Meena Rashi(10) and Karkat Rashi(4), then its is compatible.

But one of yours Shukra Planet is positioned in crossed house and another Shukra is placed in other houses, then its not compatible. 

Shukra in Vedic Astrology holds the power of Sex and beauty. If the Shukra is not compatible means you Sexual life will be affected in life. For example, your partner want to travel but you insist to be in bed which creates issues in life that will bring lots of misunderstanding. So, discuss that prior to it.

Power of Mangal & Mangalik: Horoscope Compatibility

Mangalik Dasha Vedic Astrology

Get your mobile app and download any Astrology app and look at the Birth chart or Lagna Chart. Here, see the placement of Mangal(Mars). In the image, the planet Mangal is indicated by “Ma”. H here stands for houses and is always constant for all Charts and for all people. The other number is Rashi Sign in that house. If you want to learn how to find your own Rashi through your own Chart. Click here

If your Mangal is placed in any of the Red Coloured houses in any digit, you might have Mangalik Yoga. This means you have the energy and temperament of Mangal which is fierce, Warrior, Sportsmen, Strong and Harsh. Basically the planet Mangal flows positively in sports, Leadership, War and in Medical Areas at the same time.

According to traditional views, Mangal creates an imbalance in marital relationships if only your partner’s Mangal is placed in these Red Zoned houses and yours Mangal in  Yellowish houses. And thus, your match is not compatible. But in both partners Horoscope Chart, Mangal is placed in Red Zoned areas then, it is balanced with some cautions.

If the Mangalik element is not compatible, it is suggested to get married to a banana tree, or with the statue of Bishnu God. Some community people in the Nepalese Newar Community organise child marriage for a girl with Bael (Aegle marmelos or Golden Apple). 

Anxiety Attention or Anxiety Avoidant: Horoscope Compatibility

Most people think that we must take care of people who are anxious, but for some opposite is true.

In most of the Case, If Shani is placed well in the Horoscope Chart, You seem to be brave and handle Anxiety well. and But Shani alone placed in most of the houses gives Anxiety Avoidant Personality. This mean when you have this combination, you want to be alone, a space from such talk. You want to avoid anything that comes in your way and even your partner.

But If Rahu is with Shani, then it becomes the opposite, or if Rahu by any chance is aspected by Shani, then it needs more attention from all around. 
So, You need to learn about Shani, plus Rahu and Chandra as it’s the mind that these Shani and Rahu going to impact on. 

In the image, you can see, Shani, Rahu and Moon are present in one house, this might give possible mental illness like Anxiety and fear and Attention seeker in time of Anxiety. In another Shani is alone, but aspect Rahu and Moon which is less likely to seek attention, and more like to be Free or avoid anything that comes in their way at the time of Anxiety. 

If combinations present in yours and your partners on the first date not matched according to Shani, the date itself is not compatible.  You might become anxious seeing your ex and want to avoid the situation while your partner want to talk over and over and never. Think about it but yeah, Again this is your date, not mine.

Know the Strongest Planet of Both Horoscope at the End of Date

Nepalese Astrologer

If there are no planets, it is more likely that a person on the date will be a free man enjoying his own life and own rules. In regards to family matters, this person bears fewer responsibilities. So, if you have many planets  in the four doted house in your horoscope but your partner has no planets, you might want to think about your date. Who knows? You might take all the responsibility from Cooking to working and taking all the responsibility caring for your children living as single separated. 

This situation happens to many of the communities people as they do not think about the above-mentioned recommendation or might not have read  7 horoscope compatibility checks you should Explore while dating before. But Again, this is your date and I have nothing to do anything here. and you will not come to me before you date someone. If you are reading this and have not been to any date, you will probably be asking your friends and his/her ex Rashi. or If you have dated once, you must be thinking, its was good that he/she was incompatible with yours horoscope.

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Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion only and should not be taken as legal Advice for dating some.