How to Activate gemstones?

62950162 various polished gemstones with names isolated on white background

To activate any gemstones first you need to remove its impurities. When it’s ready to wear any gemstones you first need to get its energy balanced. For this, I will teach you very effective methods here only.

1. It would be in many hands so there is a maximum probability of their energies too. So put half the water with salt in a pot and keep your gemstone ring half dive in salt water for 24 hours.

2. If its Blue Sapphire, put it again in Mustard Oil for more 24 hours before wearing

3. Put in in the Full moon night with salt water half drown your stones to get energy from moon while its negative energy is soaked by salt water.

4. Put in 5 feet above the fire with special woods of scented plants wrapped with the different herbs leaves you feeling better. This is the traditional way of activating in Hindu rituals. I have seen many people in my country putting things upright the fire in the kitchen for keeping it safe and for a longer time.

5. Worship it.

6. Do Puja

7. Chants Mantras while holding your gemstone in your hand for 108 times. Mantras for specific planets are available in google search or ask specific mantra in a comment below. it is simple yet it works to some extent but needs to perform this ceremony after you woke up from the bed in the morning. conditions apply.

8. Meditate and recharge or ask a meditator recharge it for you. This is the best and would do better than other recharging options.