Appreciation and trust bring Abundance:

Let’s start to appreciate what our children do. At least the good deeds you think. I don’t think there are any good or bad deeds as well until mind exists. Let’s create “wow”, “thankfulness”.
It’s not for those who see the thorn in Rose. It’s flower people who choose what to see or ask before they choose. There is an ancient myth about Lord Rama that he had great respect and appreciation towards Ravana though he was his enemy.
Chose wisely what life you want to live. There is a solution to every issues or problem. but one must really want to seek wisdom. One must be ready to see a rose, feel the beauty of it and smell the fragrance to feel and feel the magnificence of Rose flower. and same in the obstacles and problem we face.
The Astrology shows you a kind of way to see that beauty. It trains and teaches a person how to learn those and practice it in daily life. Astrology is a guide to prosperity for people we seek to be wise and grow themselves not for those we only see the thorn in their life.

gratitude rock

Learn to appreciate and trust:
People are naturally blissful. Our nature is kindness and love. We are born to embrace we see and feel.
The only reason we feel dis-concerned, depressed is not appreciating what people do. We do not accept people words instead we criticize. We learn criticism from home, school and compete with each other via our ego. And slowly we forget our nature. We lost our trust and believe our success in other failure and start pulling the leg of others.
The secret behind your success is appreciation. When we start appreciating our son, daughter, mother, father we broaden our energy circle and empower positivity within us. Our act of appreciation enlightens the trust in us from the universe.