Jupiter Retrograde 2021: Aries to Virgo : Part 1

jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter is retrograded now! How will it affect on individual horoscopes?

How to decode the effect? Here are the simple tips to look out in birth chart:-

See if your Jupiter is straight or retrograde on your birth chart. If it’s already retrograde on our chart, then the effect will be multiplied.- See the Ashtakvarga Points of Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius and Capricorn. If less than 4, then a few stressful situations might arise during this retrograde period.- See the houses it is sitting and expecting to have a more precise effect.

Here are the effects of Jupiter transit for the first 6 ascendants in brief: Remaining six will be followed on this group. So keep updated with the Facebook group or the blog on our website.

  1. Aries– Sudden gains and incomes will knock at the door.- Sudden exposure to your field areas.- Opportunities from abroad will arise.- Domestic peace will be maintained.

2. Taurus– Chances of loan withdrawal.- Chances of meeting a Guru of your life.- Some friction in relationships might be seen.- Stomach ailments might trouble.

3. Gemini– Couples, if were planning, can expect childbirth.- Expect promotions or salary raise on a career.- Profits from the Stock market very much possible.- Love and romance are gonna get flourished.

4. Cancer– Very good timing for students who are preparing for competitive exams.- Weight gains and obesity might be an issue during this period.- Savings will get leaked very often.- Travels are very much expected.

5. Leo– Occult, mystery areas are going to get explored.- Revisiting the ideas and beliefs of the self will occur.- Old illness might say hello, so be very cautious!- New opportunities in jobs will knock on the door.

6. Virgo– If any illnesses had been troubling, Expect a good recovery!- Excellent gains will be there from inheritance.- Material gains will get piled up.- Relationships might be a bit stressful though! To be continued…….

Libra to Pisces

7. LIBRA– Travel will cost some extra expenses to spend.- Relationships will get rechecked during guru retro.- Chances of developing blisters and skin disorders are high- Domestic peace might get affected.

8. SCORPIO– Siblings might catch some infections related to the stomach or lower abdomen.- Gap in communication may put natives in trouble.- Good income will get generated.- Shifting of house or room is very much possible.

9. SAGITTARIUS– Family relationships may get chaotic.- Someone inside the family may break the norms and values.- Thirst for attention will suddenly get increased for the native.- Expect some new partnership or relationships

10. CAPRICORN– Internal chaos will get the native in a stressful condition.- However, will get introduced to a new form of knowledge.- Spouse/partner will be the support during this transit.- Expect childbirth of planned any.

11. AQUARIUS– Sleep cycles or schedules may get affected.- Devotions towards the spiritual energy will suddenly get increased.- Blessings from the divine coming your way!- Expenditure might go a bit higher than normal.

12. PISCES– New friends will get introduced in life.- Sadhu and fakirs will try to teach lessons in life for the native.- Don’t expect people to stay permanent in your life. someone near will part his or her way.- Great period to start any form of Spiritual Sadhana Now, what can be the remedies for all the 12 ascendants during this guru retro?

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