Jupiter Transit 2021

Jupiter Transit: April 2021

Jupiter Transit 2021: Are you ready for the change?

Event                                                      Start Date                   End Date

Jupiter Direct in Aquarius                April 6, 2021,                June 20, 2021
Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius     June 20, 2021, September 14, 2021

Jupiter Is Entering Aquarius For The First Time In 12 Years, & It’s Great News For 2021. 2021 is a lot positive year than 2020 from the perspective of Jyotisha. Dev Guru Brihaspati(Jupiter) is moving out from his debilitation sign i.e. Capricorn and moving towards the sign of gains i.e. Aquarius. So, a lot of positive changes are expected to be visible in this transit.

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Jupiter Transit 2021

JUPITER BRIEF                                                  Nature: Masculine                                              Ruler signs: Sagittarius and Pisces    Represents: Dharma, Knowledge, Teachers

Zodiac symbol: Water-Bearer
Constellation: Aquarius
Zodiac Element : Air
Zodiac quality: Fixed Sign                                        Ruler: Saturn

Jupiter Transit 2021: What To Expect?????

Jupiter, Dev Guru Brihaspati, moving to the sign of Aquarius is a big relief for Guru itself because it is moving out of its debilitation sign. It is moving away from its uncomfortable sign. That is why a lot of positive can be expected from this transit.

Aquarius is the sign of desires, fulfillment, skepticism, and Science. It is the sign where faith finds it hard to exist. Skepticism and inquiry are the quality of this sign. Guru moving in this sign will surely help the field of scientific areas to flourish more. As we already know, Elon Musk has been trying to settle life on Mars. So. this very transit of Jupiter shows that much good news from Tesla Industries may strike in the coming days.

Overall, we will hear a lot of new scientific inventions and new technology arrival in this transit. Since the sign of Aquarius is of Saturn, disciplinary actions favoring humanity will also be recorded during this transit.

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Jupiter Transit 2021:  Effects For Different Ascendants


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Mesh Rashi are the following:

  • Your previously spoiled relations with your loved ones will get improved.
  • You might meet fresh opportunities in your job/career.
  • You May earn profit in the stock market.
  • You might have some minor problems like leg pain, knee pain, or back pain.


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Brishav Rashi are the following:

  • Best to avoid eating outside foods.
  • Avoid indulging in arguments to enjoy a healthy relationship.
  • Business organizers or financial backers are encouraged to keep their plans on hold.
  • Proficient specialists may have to stand by longer to accomplish their ideal chances.


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Mithun Rashi are the following:

  • Beneficial for students who are appearing for government exams. 
  • Medical professionals may achieve new heights.
  • Singles may receive marriage/dating proposals.
  • Favorable time for you to buy a new house or land.


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Karkat Rashi are the following:

  • Complain of a stomach ache or chest pain might be there. 
  • Past investments may help to earn profits. 
  • Natives will enjoy a good time with their spouse
  • A perfect chance to make remarkable progress in your career. 


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Simha Rashi are the following:

  • Unexpected gains from the stock market can hit suddenly.
  • Couples having childbirth issues might get a remedy for it.
  • Marriage proposals for the singles are very much expected during this transit.
  • Students waiting for their results will hear some good news.


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Kanya Rashi are the following:

  • Realtors may have to invest their whole time and energy in dealing with the issues in an arrangement on contested land.
  • Renounce your ego. Open a bit.
  • You will indulge in religious works.
  •  Business travel is going to be very beneficial during this transit.


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Tula Rashi are the following:

  • You will probably get the spotlights in the areas where you least expect them.
  • Do mantra chanting during this transit as Jupiter is transiting in your 5th house.
  • Avoid debates and discussions if possible.
  •  Your home environment will be happier with the constant care


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Brishchik Rashi are the following:

  •  Your relationship is going through a very difficult time, so avoid conflicts with your partner during this transit phase.
  • Avoid spicy and chilly foods, if possible.
  • Some construction or renovation within the home environment can be expected.
  • Trust only selective persons in terms of money matters.


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Dhanu Rashi are the following:

  • A lot of support from the officials in job areas will be there for you in this transit.
  • New means of income will get developed.
  • You will be able to buy a new resource like vehicles if you were planning to.
  • It will be beneficial to do important works on Monday and Tuesday.


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Makar Rashi are the following:

  • Ideological differences with family members can be there during this transit.
  •  Traveling to a beautiful place will act as a magnifier for your deteriorating relationship.
  • Those in the technology field will today achieve their career goals.
  • The individuals who have as of late gotten drawn in will go through the day shopping and planning for their wedding.


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Kumbha Rashi are the following:

  • Love will fill nearer seeing someone. You will actually want to advance your accomplishments well.
  • Important calls from jobs might knock at your door during this transit. So be very prepared.
  • You will take interest in religious works and travel a long distance for worship as well.
  • Your perception of the future is likely to change for some reason. You might jump the area of your subject as well.


The Effect of Jupiter Transit in 2021 in Meena Rashi are the following:

  •  You should be careful and reasonable in your cash matters.
  • You are advised not to settle on any significant choices identified with land and property this time.
  • Attempt to remain quiet and answer emphatically to your colleague. It might assist you with getting some alleviation from pressure and improve your relationship.
  • There is a possibility of a short journey related to work during this transit.

General Tips for everyone can do during this Jupiter Transit

  1.  Chant Vishnu Sahasaranaam Mantra.
  2. Offer Arghya to Sun every Sunday.
  3. Donate Black colored cloth to a temple.

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