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Things to Remember

Element-Earth | Gender-Female | Ruler-March

Virgo is sixth sign which indicates the 6th house which mostly represents police, punishment, diseases and service. So, Virgo people are found to become counselor, doctor, astrologist etc.

Virgos are hard workers. They love to do the work. These people can be called as determined i.e. they are focused on one thing and they want it to be done well or let’s call them as perfectionists. Virgos make best managers, supervisors, judges, CEOs and novelists.

It is ruled by the planet Mercury which is too humble and smart in appearance, communicative but less talkative. They possess a balanced nature so they think to balance their family and friends.

Virgo is also most vulnerable sign of zodiac regarding health issues. The environment of controlling immediate environment is emphasized. A kind of green or lush environment can be very healing to it. A critical, impatient and cunning nature is seen in the Virgo people when they are in the stress.

They will be middle-sized persons and exhibit taste in art and literature. Their chest will be prominent and when afflicted, very weak. They are discriminating and emotional and are carried away by impulses.

Virgo women are known to be some of the most beautiful women as the sign of Virgo is also represented by a standing woman. Also Virgo men are attractive and charming.

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