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Things to Remember

Element- Water | Gender- Female | Ruler- Moon

Cancer is the sign under the water element and is ruled by moon in our Vedic Astrology. In this sign Moon directly affects the Cancers. These people are very soft, emotional and mostly taking care of other people.

In Astrology (Cancer)moon is represents emotion, feelings, feminine personality, a caretaker, caregiver, someone who thinks about others first before thyself. This is the 4th sign from Aries, and is considered to the home which means these people are the good caretaker of one’s home. They will be good housewives. Due to their soft and caring nature these people enjoy being Nurse. These are the people who help in crying in other funeral too.

Also, They may become a social leader as they possess a soft heart by influencing with the speech. They will possess a smiling face if not affected by other malefic planets in their birth chart.

You can distinguish the cancer people with their face if you think of these qualities. The charm & glowing face, lovable, caring, smiling. These people want to lose while other speak on them or let other criticize. They have developed sense of trust and respect every people near by them.

Finally, Cancerian can be in any profession where politeness is mandatory when hospitality is the best quality. It could be Doctors, Nurse, Caretaker, Housewife, feminine leader, Judge who care, Nature Photographer and best Mother ever.

Cancer is the fourth sign from the sequence of 12 zodiacs. “Cancer” is an ancient word of Indo-European origin, derived from a root meaning “to scratch.” However, the word cancer also means “crab” in Latin. That is why the symbol of Cancer is depicted as Crab in Astrology too.

It is a cardinal water sign. Moon is the ruler of this Zodiac. Being the watery sign, it is one of the most emotionally rich zodiacs along with Scorpio and Pisces.

  • Brief

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Color: White

Day: Monday

Ruler: Moon

House Ruled: 4th

Date range: June 21 – July 22

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20

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