Ketu in different houses: Results in all 12 bhavas

Ketu in different houses: Result in all 12 bhavas


When Moon moves from North to South in its orbit and crosses Sun’s path – the incision point is called Ketu. In the eye of Jyotish, Ketu is the graha of moksha. Rahu and Ketu are the complementary of each other.

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 Ketu is a karaka or indicator of intelligence, wisdom, non-attachment, fantasy, penetrating insight, derangement, and psychic abilities. Since, Ketu is a headless graha, it is devoid of logic. However, the intuitional power of Ketu is way too high and surpasses any logical stand. According to the most popular astrology text Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, (BPHS) Ketu is related to Matsya(fish).

Ketu is considered responsible for moksha, sannyasa, self-realization, jnana and enlightenment. Ketu is a friend of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. Jupiter is neutral in friendship. Sun, Moon, and Mars are Ketu’s enemies.

Ketu addresses karmic assortments both great and awful, otherworldliness and powerful impacts. Ketu connotes the profound interaction of the refinement of appearance to the soul and is considered both malefic and benefic, as it causes distress and misfortune, but simultaneously turns the person to God.

Ketu, the spiritual graha, functions different in different houses. In jyotish, houses are called bhaav or ghar. Here are the key points on how Ketu would give result in all the 12 houses:

  • Ketu in 1st house

Ketu in ascendant gives the native a dynamic and magnetic personality. The native with Ketu in the first house will always be beneficial for his father or uncles. The native will get inclined towards spirituality, occult science, etc.

  • Ketu in 2nd house

Ketu in 2nd house gives one great vocal. Often it is found that great singers have Ketu in 2nd house. Ketu in 2nd is a bit leaky when it comes to the savings of the accumulated wealth. Ketu here gives the power of speech, on  speaks very less but whenever speaks, has the power of the attention.

  • Ketu in 3rd house

Ketu in 3rd house gives the native, an excellent skill in managing the finance. They tend to communicate through a very selective medium. Ketu here can make the native a bit lazy than usual ones however the rahu aspecting here makes the native creative when it comes to business stuffs.

  • Ketu in 4th house

Ketu, here can give the native a saintly nature. He/she/they tend to have more spiritual sense even though they indulge in material world. Dettachement from mother and homeland is what ketu will push here in this house. Mother’s health might degrade on the Ketu mahadasha.

  • Ketu in 5th house

Ketu here makes the native very intuitional. The intuition power of the native works brilliantly. However, this placement is not so favorable when it comes to love affairs. Early education break can also be seen or the switch of the study stream might also happen.

  • Ketu in 6th house

6th house is the house of enemies. Ketu here gives the native the early alert of his enemies. He/she will know his/her hidden enemies. Being the house of maternal uncles’, ketu here might spoil or break the relationship with them either physically or emotionally.

  • Ketu in 7th house
Ketu in 7th house is not so good for long term commitments/partnerships. This is because ketu has the fulfillment of everything related to that house in native’s past life. So in this life, he/she will try to avoid 7th house aspects such as marriage. But once they get married, they will be giving their 200 percent to make a healthy relationship.
  • Ketu in 8th house
Ketu in the house of mysteries gives the native an inclination towards the occult science. One gets interested towards jyotish, tantra, mantra etc. Spouse may be a bit material for the native, however the relation will flower. Ketu here can make native susceptible towards small injuries, cuts, burns etc.
  • Ketu in 9th house
Ketu here makes the native very religious, if not religious, spiritual for sure. He/she will visit a lots of pilgrimages, temples, monasteries in his/her lifetime. Native will mostly spend his time in isolation and may develop a habit of talking to the self or the God. Disinterest in love affairs might be there.
  • Ketu in 10th house
Ketu in the house of profession gives one thing for sure and that is career break/switch. Either the native will have a very unstable job or he/she will keep on switching jobs or even do multiple jobs at a same time frame. Feeding the street dogs is the best remedy for Ketu 10th. Here, native will have to move away from his birthplace to earn success and money.
  • Ketu in 11th house

With Ketu 11 success will not at all come easily and it will come very late. The native will have very fragile friend circle, implying, very few closed ones but will be introduced to larger groups. He/She will have a neutral approach towards everything. Ketu in 11th house gives unreliable or cheating friends who may be a cause of illegal things 

  • Ketu in 12th house

Ketu being the moskhya karaka and 12th house being the moksha ghara, this is the best placement for spiritual progress. One will be a aatma gyaani and will go towards self exploration and realization path. However, marred life may not be as satisfactory as it is expected due to the sudden rise of vairagya9detachement) in the native.

These are just  small brief of Ketu in different houses. Overall analysis of the horoscope is always the must.