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Things to Remember

Element- Air | Gender- Female | Ruler- Saturn |

It is the 11 sign of zodiac and is airy element. This is the 11th sign which represents income, friends and networking. They deliver output out of their profession. Aquariuns are friendly and dedicated signs of the zodiac. They can also be serious romantic lover signs too.

It is ruled by Saturn. This is the the sign where all the other zodiac people will be friends with these sign people. These guys are friendly and may have much more friends circle. A good communicator is indeed a influential weapon to have those friends. You achieve your goals through your own hard work and dedication.

Profession like Engineer, Software, IT, Police, Army, Ancient Medicine, Tantric, Yoga Teacher by self, Self learner.

You make a disciplined romantic life with partner. These folks may gain lot more through their skills of networking. They will do well in profession like fashion, media, PR agent, Planner or TV host.

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