LEO: The 5 Royal Qualities!

LEO: The 5 Royal Qualities!

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac in Vedic Astrology, with the Sun as its sign lord. Like the sun, Leo expresses a radiant and powerful personality. The Sun in Astrology means energy, warmth, excitement, strength, light, magnetism, idealism, and interminable presence. Leo is represented by the symbol of a Lion.

Lion always speaks of bravery. This is an animal dauntless and difficult to challenge, hurt or annihilate, their solitary shortcomings being apprehension and hostility towards those they stand up to. He is the king of the Jungle. So are the personalities of Leo natives. 


Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed

Day: Sunday

Ruler: Sun

Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 10, 19

Date range: July 23 – August 22

People born under the sign of Leo are natural-born leaders. They are self-confident, dominant, and creative and are able to achieve anything they want to in any area of life they commit to. This peculiar quality of theirs makes them stand high among the crowd. That is why King’s analogy is given to the Leos.

Here are the 5 Royal Qualities of Leos, which make them stand high and grab the spotlight among the crowds:

Natural Leadership

Leo is a natural leader. Just like a lion in the jungle, Leos are the go-getter and the king in their life. Their mindset and their principles, both are of extreme martian energies which makes them very active and hyper in doing any actions. Their charisma draws people to them, and their self-confidence inspires trust in their abilities. Fearlessness, assurance, and huge-heartedness are characteristics that a great many people respect and want, so it’s nothing unexpected that Leos are frequently appropriate to lead others.


Another quality which Leos are known for is their loyalty. At the point when you have a Leo in your court, you have an eternity companion, and their characteristic steadfastness likewise makes them exceptionally cherishing and solid guardians, in the event that they decide to go down that course.


Since Leos couple their own fearlessness with a liberal soul, Leos frequently will in general be great supporters of people around them. Stressed over breezing through an assessment? Your Leo companion is certain you will do incredible. Have a major rivalry coming up? Your Leo companion won’t just assistance you in practice, they’ll persuade you that you’ll win regardless!


Self-confidence comes effectively to Leos too. Like their lion image, Leos know they’re incredible and instructing, and they aren’t hesitant to show it. Leos are the kind of individuals who can wear their hair in an insane new style (since they need to!), and inside the space of weeks, it’s become the new pattern. Leos aren’t reluctant to like what they like, and they convey themselves with such unfathomable certainty that they can persuade others to like it, as well.


Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is also the natural ruler for the 5th house. In Vedic Jyotisha, the 5th house is the house of creativity. So a Leo is naturally born a creative. The immense luminosity of the sun gives them extra talent over their skills and makes them more creative. Due to which they will be able to steal that one spotlight from the mass and stand high.


Qualities: Creative, enthusiastic, liberal, kind, lively, silly

Shortcomings: Arrogant, obstinate, egotistical, apathetic, firm

Leo likes: Theater, taking occasions, being appreciated, costly things, brilliant tones, fun with companions

Leo dislikes: Being disregarded, confronting troublesome reality, not being dealt with like a lord or sovereign

Leos react well to kind words. They’re glad for what their identity is, and they’re at their best when they know individuals they encircle themselves with are glad for them as well. In case you’re searching for an approach to give a Leo an assurance support, just put words to it.