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Things to Remember

Element- Earth | Gender- Male | Ruler- Saturn

Capricorn are the most practical people in this world. They are straight forward in their work as they are workaholic too, they possess the quality of a CEO in an organisations. They are the people around you to keep an eye on you and they keep accounts of your work. They can give best advice for your work and other team mates. They are the people who can say “good” for good and “bad” for bad

Capricorn is the fundamental sign of all the sign. These people generally inspect other and represents the delay, reality, boundaries, head-work and wealth, tend to keep Capricorn in karmic check.

The ruler of sign is Saturn which is the judge of all the karmic events, and past days. The planet effect can also be understood from the Newton’s third law “In every action there is equal and opposite reaction”. So these folk are the people getting the results of their karma the most. Let me give you another example to understand Saturn as it also rules Aquarius so it would be better if I discuss a bit here. Think that you are taking a a video but the setting is changed to 60 fps or even higher. No what can you observe? If you were shooting a fast moving cheetah, then you can see its muscles in the very slow motions and you can feel it with ease. In the similar way, Saturn here delays the events or indulge you in slow motion.

Capricorn people have great sight and vision for life as of what people are not able to see them as. They also possess the greatest wisdom. These people can make great minds as and partners as they counter moon from the 7th aspect from them and are also able to grasp the career to fit the best or the profession suitable to them.

Capricorn is a significator of discipline in nature in turn they also don’t interfere in other daily routine and this cause some shyness to face the people in circumstances. They can serve their master or boss in any business and get more benefits as long as they make their boss or their senior happy.

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