Mars in Capricorn/4th house

Mars in Capricorn/4th house

Mar in Capricorn/4th house in Vedic Astrology is a challenging aspect in one life. The challenges that would arise depends on one’s life perspective which means that how your life is in general. If you have positive attitudes to change, then you will be motivated ones, listening to near ideas and thought but if your perspective is oppositive then, you dislike the new ideas.

Mars in Capricorn and in the 4th house gives that energy, that dictum to transform ones’ life through changing the perspectives of many people at once. On the contrary, it becomes egoistic and feels dominant by other ideas and listening to them especially if that’s your wife. So, it’s also called Mangalik if your Mangal is placed in the 4th house. And with Capricorn; and its lord being Shani makes you dictator nature trying to influence one’s life in negative ways or your own desirable way which sometimes turns nasty. 

Tula Lagna people may be beautiful, creative personality and businessman. They might need the enjoyment of life. But the placement of Venus should be considered before talking in the account of Mars placement in Capricorn.

Jyotish in Relationship

Mars in Capricorn/4th house:

The placement of Mars will give the native initial issues; if not understand the characteristics of both Venus and Mars. If the placement of moon(mind), mercury (logic) and Sun(confidence) is well placed in the horoscope then he/she will be able to use the positive aspects and will be blessed from all the sector.

Mars is an energetic, furious commander soldier. Mars or Mangal is the lord of Mesha Rashi and Brishchik Rashi. The determinant soldier is left behind the lap of a mother. Yes, it is on a strong sign gives strong determinations, strong as it is on Kedra house which means self-decisions on marriage but the marriage ceremony won’t be so organized for both of the family. Strong position and quick jobs and career placement and gains too. Here, if the Shukra is not well placed, then the marriage does not last long for many reasons. The Mars here in 4th house indicates Motherly nature, of orientated to mother. 

For example, you have this, you feel confident, strong and have a can-do attitude, but you can’t tolerate anything about your mother especially your wife and the issues starts between the two.  

There might be some issues if the other planets are negatively positioned. For example:

  1. Mercury: You said something about their parents, she/he heard just opposite and negative but you didn’t mean to.
  2. Mercury: You said something you are used to saying in the family but it became harsh and dominating to him/her.
  3. Venus: You don’t want to publicize the matter but you(he/she) are not good at bed as you have expected but you don’t want to confront or talk about this to your partner.
  4. Rahu: Relationships with another person, desire more.
  5. Moon: Talking too much and issues with partner mother or speech. 


But being in the 4th house, might not be the best place to be in as the 4th house represents the house of emotions & mother. Mars wants to show his skills in fight and energy games. This will create sudden suppression of his energy as it’s in an emotional house. Mars is a natural temperament that does not allow it to be emotional in nature however the house it has seated is. The full of emotions, disciplinary nature of Capricon might rule its cohorts or becomes the slave of emotional stressful life with many fights. This is a part of/creates Mangal Dosha[Have you read this articles about Guna Milan?]. There might be a distance between the Mother and the native. The health of the mother will be compromised. There might be the chances of getting another woman in natives mothers’ life or getting another marry. This mars might also create conflicts in natives’ marriage and divorce, for this the position of Jupiter must be examined. But it is in the house of Saturn which tries to keep mars in one discipline and will not allow Mars to decide on his own.

The native will be in more discipline being with Capricorn as its lord is Shani Dev. Shani is the discipline in charge of our life. The native can have the possibility of becoming a thinker, scientist, Physicist, Pharmacist, Doctor, Athlete, Commander, Hypnotist in nature as a 4th house is the house of Subconscious. The governing nature of Saturn and Mars energy might provide the native,  with lots of bank balance, food lover, master chef (2nd house lord in 4th) and many loyal fans or helpers(6th house of service).

The nature of Mars can be studied with the help of Nakshatra where it is situated and its lord to distinguish its actions and effects.