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Things to Remember

Element- Water | Gender- Female | Ruler- Jupiter

Pisces are water sign, they are cool people and since it’s the 12Th¬†sign of Vedic Astrology, they tend to possess the quality of 12 which is of reserved by themselves. They need more space to work with and handle the situations and 12th house Pisces shows your hidden talent, inner self, principality, exile, isolation, dream world, the other dimensions and physic connection.

In this Modern age, Pisces are thinkers and student of Psychologist. Dreamers and those who dream will achieve too. They the people who enjoy imaginations, gaming, virtual world, Game design, Cartoonist and Animations designs and Architect. They are loyal to everybody but might suffers loneliness in about time. The obsession won’t be with them because they don’t belong to anything or anybody.

Since Jupiter reacts with 12 sign of isolation and dream world, these folks will travel from their birthplace in search of jobs, teaching, and study. They also travel to fulfilling their dreams in other world and show up their hidden talent in the other part of their birthplace. These are the people who visit another house and teach lessons and motivate everyone. In the past, they were Yogis, Jogis, and Sanyasins.

If the placement of Jupiter in the horoscope chart is positive the native gets the benefit of Jupiter to accomplish their task easily else they need to struggle for their motto.

They enjoy teaching people and giving free advice in terms of philosophical theories. They will follow their traditions if Rahu has not aspected Jupiter in their birth chart Else they tend to follow or create new religion or dharma.

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