Monthly Horoscope 2021(Rashi update): April Month | Rashi: Aries-Pisces

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Fortnightly Rashi update Date from July 17 - July 31 | Rashi: Aries-Pisces

Monthly Horoscope 2021(Rashi update)
April Month | Rashi: Aries-Pisces

The following monthly horoscope is based mostly on the Moon Sign. Moon represents the manas(mind) in Vedic Astrology. The horoscopes below are framework predictions for the month of April.

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Monthly Horoscope Aries / Mesha Rashi:

This month you are going to be very passionate about your goals. Love and sweetness will prevail in close relationships. This month is going to be full of new achievements for people associated with high leadership.  Love can give a new dimension to life. You may organize religious functions. You may participate in any new project. You will make some necessary changes in the business. 

Eye diseases can cause problems. Stay away from disputed matters. Stay away from people with negative thoughts. There will be some problem at the end of the month. If you are traveling on two-wheelers, be careful. Problems may occur due to the spasticity in thoughts. Due to transit in the third house of Mars, you can be a bit aggressive. Do not waste money on useless tasks. Keep good behavior with your family members. Enemies will remain active in the field.

Remedy for the month:– Offer Arghya to the Sun every morning by using water in a copper vessel and adding red flowers and sugar to it.

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Monthly Horoscope Taurus / Brish Rashi

You will enjoy delicious food this month. It will be a month full of luxury. People involved in the field of advocacy can get fame due to a big case. There will be peace in your family life this month.  Students need to work hard in the field. Your contribution and work in the office will be appreciated. There will be good harmony with the life partner. Your dominance in the field will remain sustained.

People involved in politics should think aggressively several times before speaking anything. You can waste money on a secret affair. Blood pressure patients should take care of their health. You should be careful with secret enemies. There may be some difficulty in traveling long distances. Avoid thoughts of laziness and despair.

Remedy for the month:- Take blessings of your elders every morning by touching their feet and greeting them.

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Important: Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

Monthly Horoscope Gemini / Mithun Rashi

After a lot of struggle and labor, you will restart old stalled projects. Health problems will be solved. High officials are going to be very happy with you. At the beginning of the month, time is favorable for the students pursuing higher education. There is a possibility of getting new job proposals. Your contact will be made between people of philosophical nature.

Do not hurt the self-respect of the parents. You can cause your loss by drowning in emotions. Drive the vehicle carefully.  You should avoid taking any kind of loan this month. There may be health problems due to allergies. 

Remedy for the month:- Chant ‘Gayatri Mantra’ every day.

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Monthly Horoscope Cancer / Karkat Rashi

Keep moving forward with a positive attitude towards your career. Those who were against you will also be seen supporting you. Coordination between family members will be very good. Property share will benefit in an unexpected way. Some sort of religious work will be done in the house. There will be cooperation from colleagues in the job. Meaningful results of hard work will be achieved. Students will pay a lot of attention to their studies.

Be cautious about financial relations with unknown people. Women may have health problems. You should avoid talking in a sarcastic tone as your positive intent may be misunderstood by others. Do not be disrespectful to friends. At the end of the month, you may have to take a business trip

Remedy for the month:- Worship Lord Shiva and offer Bel Patra or leaves and water to the Shivling.

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Monthly Horoscope Leo / Simha Rashi

Your confidence will strengthen. You can go for any religious visit. It would be beneficial to do the necessary works in the first half of the month. You will plan for expansion in business. There will be good ambiance in the job area. Projects related to engineering will accelerate. Householders can buy expensive items. People connected with the stock market can suddenly get money.

Control your anger. Due to a lot of thinking, some good opportunities can go out of hand. You will have to spend a lot of money on the interior of the house. Keep your attitude positive and balanced. There may be trouble with neighbors.

Remedy for the month- Water plants every day.

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Monthly Horoscope Virgo / Kanya Rashi

You will conquer enemies. You will be lucky about legal matters. The month is going to be very lucky for you. Do not cheat on anyone. You will participate in charity programs. Old friends will arrive at you out of nowhere.  New entrepreneurs will get incentives from the government.

Do not judge anyone. There is a slight chance that you may be a victim of a conspiracy. Although planet transit is good for you, still you should keep your plans secret. Be serious about your child’s career. Take ample rest and enough sleep.

 Remedy for the month:- Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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Monthly Horoscope Libra / Tula Rashi

You will get success by working discipline. Disputes will be settled through a peer. Due to courage and valor, you will easily complete difficult tasks. You can get respect from any social organization. In the middle of the month, circumstances will be in your favor. Time is hard for the students. Mother’s health will be worried. There may be job transfers. 

Good news will be received from the maternal side. Chronic pain may emerge.  Do not make fun of anyone You will get success in a competitive exam. There may be a money problem. Take care of the feelings of family members. There may be a problem with stomach irritation. Do not let bitterness arrive in married life. Gather complete information before investing capital. Stay away from bad habits and company.

Remedy for the month:- Recite Vishnu Sahastranaam Path.

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Monthly Horoscope Scorpio / Brischik Rashi

Be loyal to your goals. The marriage of unmarrieds can be fixed.  You can go for a picnic or a recreational trip with a spouse. You will be very satisfied with the behavior of children. Many guests can arrive unexpectedly at your house this month. You will remain very serious and devoted to your work. You will give good advice to people. Any important work can be started this month.

Do not vent your anger on family members. Do not ignore health regulations.  You may have to meet some unwanted people in the middle of the month. You will also have to work overtime due to the excess of work. Your own acquaintance can trick you.

Remedy for the month:- Chant Shani Mantra 108 times.

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Important: Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius / Dhanu Rashi

Due to the planned tasks, the desired results will be completed in time. You will bring behavioral changes in the routine. Disputes regarding the ancestral property will be settled. People will appreciate your knowledge. You will be inspired to do something new and creative. There will be an atmosphere of consensus in the family about love marriage. You can improve the Vastu of the house, Do not miss the opportunity. The first half of the month is going to be very good. You will use your potential well.

To avoid health problems, eat a sattvic diet. Do not be angry with children. Stones and kidney patients may have to face surgery etc. Enemies can harm you. You will spend a lot of time in spiritual thinking. Means of livelihood can change. You need to be very disciplined. You should avoid too much superstition.

Remedy for the month:- Offer chapatis to black dogs on Saturdays.

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Monthly Horoscope Capricorn / Makar Rashi

You can take a decision on movable and immovable property. There will be a romantic atmosphere in love affairs. If you work according to your interest, then you will get benefits.  Your skill and knowledge will be appreciated. Assess your abilities correctly. The situation will be in your favor in the middle of the month. The exam results will be in your favor. Young boys may receive love proposals.

You will be a little worried about the job areas. Do the routine checkup. While lending to anyone, make sure that necessary action is taken regarding his return. Only those close to you may have feelings of jealousy. Stay away from office politics.

Remedy for the month:- Gift jewelry or fragrance to your spouse.

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Monthly  Horoscope Aquarius / Kumbha Rashi

You will adopt traditional treatment methods for health problems. There will be a sense of mildness in your nature. You can get the best deal at the beginning of the month. Married life will be beautiful. It is better to change the position of the job, it should be improved. Your deep faith in religion will arise. You will also spend time with children in sports and fun. People will be enchanted by your beauty and behavior.

There may be discord and disturbance in the family. You can be a victim of seasonal diseases. Lending money will hardly be returned, so think twice before lending any money. Spouse’s health problems may increase. Problems such as allergies and migraines due to seasonal diseases may have to be avoided.

Remedy for the month:-  Apply Saffron Tilak on your forehead daily,

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Monthly Horoscope Pisces / Meena Rashi

Marriage talks can be successful. You may have to make a significant trip in the latter part of the month. The month is going to be a great month for the business class people. You can get respect from a social organization. You can make an idea to buy a new vehicle and a house. Big officers will give importance to your ideas. The money lent can be returned to you after a long time. Students will get good marks in the exam.

Baggage may be stolen during travel. That is why there is interest in being careful. People will question your decisions. That is why there will be a lot of pressure in the mind. There may be some rhetoric about trade agreements. Instead of anger, it would be more beneficial to solve any problem by negotiation.

Remedy for the month:- Feed birds with seven grains every day.

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