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Monthly Rashi update
October Month | Rashi: Aries-Pisces

The following monthly horoscope is based mostly on the Moon Sign. Moon represents the manas(mind) in Vedic Astrology. The horoscopes below are framework predictions for the month of October.

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Monthly Horoscope Aries / Mesha Rashi:

Mars is the ruling lord of Aries, and during this month, it is transiting in its own home(Aries). So this is a very good placement that is why this month will be full of Aries dominance. Mars will give you the courage to take bold decisions. You will have a very busy schedule which includes a lot of physical activities. Jupiter aspecting your moon sign also tells that you will invest yourself in learning some ancient knowledge. Ketu transiting over your 8th house will give you interest in the occult, paranormal stuff during this month. 

Saturn transiting over 10th house will make you a work-a-holic and busy person. Sun will move to Libra on 17th October, due to which after, you might face ego issues within your relationships, especially your spouse. Ego and anger is the thing you will need to avoid or control during this one month period. Chronic patients of diabetes/arthritis need special care during the transit of this month.

Remedy for the month:- Chant the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagavatey Vaasudevaaya’.

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Monthly Horoscope Taurus / Brish Rashi

Venus, the ruling lord of the sign Taurus is transiting over 4th house from the natal moon sign. This is an excellent month for someone who believes in capitalism. Venus will give you a lot of material gains. Your confidence and happiness will increase very progressively.  You will enjoy your mother’s love and affection. Some of you may even buy new vehicles.  Outside trips will be proved beneficial.  Your efforts will produce desired results, while some of your long-term wishes may be fulfilled.  Students will also take more interest in their studies.  Married are advised to maintain a cordial relationship with their spouse.  

Children’s health may need attention. Rahu in your own natal moon will give you dynamism in gaining knowledge. However, the same Rahu might cause mental stress, so you need to go towards Ketu(Isolation) if such a condition arises. Sudden gains and promotions during this month are expected for the Taurus. 

Remedy for the month:- Perform Pranayama and worship Lord Ganesha.

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Important: Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

Monthly Horoscope Gemini / Mithun Rashi

Mercury is transiting over the 5th house from your natal moon. This is a very positive transit for luck and poorva Punya. Your intellect will work at its best during this month. However, after 17th October a feeling of slugginess can be experienced. Jupiter in the 7th house will give a very pleasant experience with your spouse. Your intelligence will manifest, while working too, can earn a good income. Your fitness level may also improve. You are advised to be patient and cautious in all your dealings. Know about Gemini Rashi here.  

Outstation trips are on the card.  Please be careful while travelling by road and try to avoid long-distance travel at night. Saturn transiting over 8th sign from the natal moon might bring sudden health issues related to bones, teeth. Constipation might also trouble frequently. 

Remedy for the month: Worship Lord Krishna and read Bhagwad Geeta. 

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Monthly Horoscope Cancer / Karkat Rashi

The Moon, which is the lord planet of Cancer zodiac, is in the 9th house from Rashi during this month, and it may prove to be a lucky time for Cancer.  You can expect luck.  Your courage and confidence will grow while your efforts will become successful.  Those who are trying to acquire new properties such as land, houses, or vehicles will succeed in their efforts.  You can also benefit from siblings.  You can also get the necessary advice and guidance to solve many problems in life.  By showcasing your artistic skills, you may be able to impress and attract others.

You will have a natural tendency towards technical subjects.  When making important decisions, be sure to consult your spouse. There will be total consistency in business. People will be affected by your harmonious behaviour. Excess of labour can cause fever. Travel will be beneficial. You have to test your love. Subordinate employees will have trouble getting out of work.

Remedy for the month:- Worship Lord Shiva and offer water to Moon.

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Monthly Horoscope Leo / Simha Rashi

Sun, the lord of Leo will get debilitated on 17th October 2020. This might bring some downfall in the level of confidence in Leos. You will experience muscle strain and pain. Those studying or doing research abroad will get good success. People sitting in government positions are expected to get higher posts. Spouse will expect honesty and love from you. You will be interested in public works and projects.

Excessive travel may cause irritability. Education will be very good. You will be encouraged by the progress of children. Extramarital relationships can get you in trouble. Stay away from ego and kitsch. Your power will increase. You will be embellished in a high position.

Remedy for the month- Chant the sun praise (Adityahridaya Stotram) daily at sunrise.

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Monthly Horoscope Virgo / Kanya Rashi

Mercury, the lord of your Virgo zodiac sign, is in the 2nd house from the natal moon this month and remains a beneficial place for you.  Now, most of your efforts are towards earning money and guiding family members.  You will spend more on auspicious events, but still, it is better to avoid unnecessary expenses.  The love affair will be successful, while your efforts to go abroad for studies or employment can also flourish.  Children can also benefit through enjoyment and fathers.  

You will gain more confidence, and be confident that with determined efforts and perseverance, you can overcome all small issues.  But too much thinking can cause confusion within you.  Also, be cautious while travelling by road.  It is still better to avoid long-distance or night travel.

Remedy for the month:- Chant the mantra “Om Bum Buddhaye Namah”

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Monthly Horoscope Libra / Tula Rashi

People of Libra will be in a beneficial position this month for two reasons.  The planetary lord Venus is located in the 11th house of his Rashi, which is the first cause.  And the second reason is that your functional beneficiary Mercury planet is located in your zodiac sign.  It will bring luck to you.  You will get the right guidance for progress in life.  You will be able to overcome all the small difficulties that come your way. 

You may face minor misunderstandings with your mother, but she works for your benefit.  You will be happy with your children, while some of your long-term wishes can now be fulfilled. Do not rush about business. The latter half of the month will be a growth factor in income. You should avoid excessive fatty food. Colleagues may trouble you. Do not invest big in business. There will be turmoil in the daily routine. Time is not very good for saving. Take care of the mother’s health.

Remedy for the month:- Chant Durga Saptashati Sloka whenever you can.

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Monthly Horoscope Scorpio / Brischik Rashi

Mars, the lord of the Scorpio zodiac, is retrograde in the 6th house from Rashi this month;  It is likely to bring a mixture of good and bad results to Scorpio-people.  You have to be especially careful about your health.  Whatever the issue may be, you have to work hard to win.  Therefore, be patient and bring balance in your attitude, and try to be cautious while speaking.  

Positive thing is that you can work with courage and enthusiasm, while your efforts can be successful.  Business can see impressive growth, promotions and salary increases.  Significant progress can also be made in finance.  You will enjoy the mother’s love and affection, while family life can also be happy.  Issues related to paternal qualities will be resolved favourably.  Enemies move out of your way.  Unexpected luck can also arrive at some of you.

The remedy of the month:- Donate yellow clothes and yellow sweets to your guru.

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Important: Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius / Dhanu Rashi

The planet Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius, and this month it is transiting in your own zodiac sign.  You may face difficult situations.  Therefore, please think well and then act patiently and wisely.  Also, be careful while speaking.  Children’s health can be a cause for concern, and perhaps your mother’s.  But you will see an improvement in your health.  

Misunderstandings may arise with the father, but these may soon disappear.  But you will enjoy stable finances and meet the needs of your family members.  This can help you increase family happiness and make home life enjoyable.  Your influence, status, and fame will go to advanced levels, while those with unrealistic feelings towards you can go away.  You will also take more interest in spirituality.

Remedy for the month:- Perform Surya Namaskar and offer water to Shiva Linga.

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Monthly Horoscope Capricorn / Makar Rashi

Saturn, the overbearing sign of Capricorn, transits in your sign this month.  Therefore, people of Capricorn are now advised to take precautions.  It is better not to trust anyone completely and avoid wastage and harm.  Also, please do not become security to others.  Laziness is also not strictly justified, and therefore, try to be active and alert in all your activities.  You also have to be careful in your speech.  Also, do not isolate anyone or enmity with others.  Business or occupation may be sluggish, and your financial situation may also fluctuate.  

Children’s health may need attention.  There may be some minor differences with the mother, but her love and affection may still be enough for you.  A spouse can also enjoy an intimate relationship.  Some of you may succeed in your efforts to go abroad, while some of your wishes may be fulfilled.

Remedy for the month:- Chant “Om pram preem prom sah shanischaray namah” mantra.

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Monthly  Horoscope Aquarius / Kumbha Rashi

Saturn, the lord of Aquarius, is transiting in the 12th house from the lunar sign in this month and this can cause harm and wastage to the people of Aquarius.  Medical expenses may also occur.  Mother’s health may also need attention, while temporary differences are possible with her as well as with your father.  Please no longer be a guarantor for others.  However, despite minor disruptions and difficulties, the business will grow. 

Your courage and confidence level can increase significantly.  Your income will be sufficient to meet the needs of the family comfortably.  Domestic life will be sweet and joyful.  Some of you may be able to get a bank loan, for which you have been trying for a long time.  You will also benefit from siblings, while children will contribute to your happiness.

Remedy for the month:- Wear white-coloured clothes more and if possible, plant any shrub/tree.

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Monthly Horoscope Pisces / Meena Rashi

The lord of Pisces is the planet Jupiter, and it is entering the 10th house from the lunar sign this month.  Due to this, Pisces- people may have to face small troubles and obstacles.  So, don’t get to in any issue.  Instead, try to handle them with detachment and diplomacy.  Misunderstandings between family members are possible, but their affection and connection will still grow.  Likewise, even in the midst of financial fluctuations, you may be able to meet all your monetary needs.  Share etc. will give you profits, while some of you may also get an unexpected fortune. 

Your courage and enthusiasm will increase, while your efforts will also be successful.  Differences with parents may arise and diminish, while the father’s health may cause concern.  However, children will give you happiness.  You will also get the blessings of your family deity.

Remedy for the month:- Chant mantra “Om Bram Brahaspataay Namah”

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