Daily Horoscope: 21 January 2020

Aries/Mesha: More dedication towards your work, you may work even more secretively and possess by secret relationship. Hidden Treasure coming forth. Be Alert and Aware

  • Pros: Secretive income
  • Cons: Disruptive Relationship

Taurus/Brish: If you are a business person then you might have opportunity to invest more. Given your the greatest challenges to overcome in public activities.

  • Pros: Get dinner
  • Cons: Argument in business or relationship

Gemini/Mithun: Be more service oriented. Be loyal towards your work and boss to upgrade your potential. loss of money, friends. Be patient.

  • Pros: Gift or appreciate your boss or people at work
  • Cons: Unwanted expenditures or fight

Cancer/Karkat: This is your day for romance and date. Spare your time for your mate or praise him/her today to make your day worth. There is chances of generating income through loved ones.

  • Pros: Propose her/him
  • Cons: Loss in study

Leo/Simha: You are more strong mentally and emotionally. Try emerging yourself and be with your family today. income and strong will power.

  • Pros: Strong will power
  • Cons: Emotional distress

Virgo/Kanya: Full on your efforts to succeed. Your efforts will make your day at best. Give your effort 100% to get it back. Go a bit from your side and you will get what your deserve.

  • Pros: One step ahead will bring several steps easier steps
  • Cons: Be aware on your short-distance travel.

Libra/Tula: It time to save your earning for future. Its time to give time for family. Generate income and save for education and further planning, for your parents and family lineage.

  • Pros: Speak it loud and plan for the best
  • Cons: Speaking harsh to anybody will make your day hard

Scorpio/Brishchik: You are a Leader, Think wisely. Control your emotions to develop your personality. Have Grit to welcome challenges and new beginning.

  • Pros: Physically Stronger
  • Cons: Mental issues, relationship & Grit

Sagittarius/Dhanu: Long distance Travel, loss of income, expenditure, bed rest. Negative energy & Near Death Experience. Travel Overseas for travel, study. It time to thank elders and mentors.

  • Pros: Travelling
  • Cons: Loss of money, rest, NDE

Capricorn/Makar: Income through jobs or investment. The best time for networking with friends and business colleague. Shape it to enhance your career. Be Amazing to share everything you have.

  • Pros: Sharing ideas counts, income through networking
  • Cons: Loss of income invested in network business, leadership

Aquarius/Kumbha: Time to boost career and if your are thinking for change its the best time. Don’t argue much in workplace.

  • Pros: Travel with love and professionalism
  • Cons: Distraction in love life & pleasure

Pisces/Meena: Assume you have a luck to future endeavour. Great adventures travel and tour or overseas study. blessing from elder, Mentor.

  • Pros: Luck with great advice and mentor ship
  • Cons: Respect to elders and teacher which may cause mental disturbances

Disclaimer: This is not a suggestion or recommendation from specialist. Please take it as is for alternative psychological understanding. If this helps you or want to provide your feedback please write me at

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