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How to Check if gemstones is real

I have been studying Vedic Astrology since 2006. I am still in the field is proof that I am enjoying Jyotisha and doing better day by day. Jyotisha is self-learning and self-understanding branch of Vedas where we can know about the characteristics of individual planet and their influence in our life. From Jyotisha we can mathematically calculate formulas to determine the influence of a specific planet in a specific time. If you are wondering about your sign and Sadesati effect for this 2 and half year, then you might like an article about Saturn in Sagittarius.

The other main things in Jyotisha is the intuition power or the capacity. Intuition is more scientific then guessing. Guessing is random phenomenon without prior information about the subject. Did you get me? There are nine planets in 12 houses and in 12 different signs and 27 different nakshatras.

To be specific with gemstones, they are energies. That is the fact. Everything in this universe is made of energy. We all may know this fact about atoms; the smallest, electrons and protons and Neutrons. These are energy waves recharging self in different time zone and harmony of that specific object. We can say the energy varies and have different phenomenon like a magnet would heel your wound in some instances, it has pulling/pushing force (energy). Let me take other famous Astrologer these days and their saying about these gemstones:

In one online webpage, it states that It’s a full waste of time to indulge our self to wear any gemstones as a remedy. There are no any such remedies in ancient text of Parashara, Book written by Maharshi Parashara and other classical texts of Jyotisha. It is therefore in few non-Astrological text like Narada purana states the act of wearing gemstones to balance the loss of planets to individual. Agni Purana, Chapter 246, Verse 7 & 8, one of the 18 puranas in hindi – “A gem free from all impurities and radiating its characteristic internal luster should be looked upon as an ‘escort’ of good luck. A gem which is cracked, fissured, devoid of luster, or appearing rough or sandy, should not be used at all.” (Astrojyoti, 2017)

The famous Astrologer, Writer and many more since he is multi-dynamic and most viewed YouTube blogger about Astrology Kapiel Raaj is not in favor of wearing of any gemstones. He too mentions that you are stronger the any gemstones. This gemstone remedy is introduced later in 1857. He says “You’ll be better off investing that money elsewhere than getting any results. Gemstones are mainly for health reasons and spiritual progress not marriage, wealth, job, children or any of the mundane garbage you hear on television.” (Raaj, 2017)

“Wearing gems and crystals can be beneficial for our health, emotions and creativity and thus for anything we hope to achieve in life. “- Ernst Wilhelm

Apart from this, gemstones are one of the basic low-level remedy of healing affected planets in your horoscope chart. The best knowledge whether to wear a gemstone or not depends on the benefic and malefic planets. The Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are malefic and Moon, Jupiter, Venus are benefic planets. We need detailed and vast study before doing any kinds of remedy to malefic planets as they could gain more strength and harm you more. Astrologer are the person who prescribe you the gemstones according to the planets and placement of planets in your Natal Chart.

If you are trying to enhance or strengthen Sun with Ruby you also need to think about its negative if it gets strengthen like you may get the adverse effect in eye-related issues or self-esteem. But generally, we recommend wearing gemstones with benefices planets like Pushparaj or Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter to enhance the quality. It is the best idea to wear any gems of your Lagna lord and or 9th lord house planets to enhance your overall chart and its performance by gemstones. There are other many ways to strengthen the malefic planets by chanting their Mantra and Yantra with no negative effects or with donations and worshiping of Lord Shiva in general. (Frawley, 2000)

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