My Jyotish story: Jyotish Prakash Basistha

A long ago I have published a news article about online vedic counselling; in Nepalese Community Media in Australia about how Community people falling into the trap of misleading pathways to Vedic Astrology ripping their pockets. And I have also tried to warn the people from the article.

Nepali Jyotish in Australia | अस्ट्रेलियामा नक्कली ज्योतिषीको बिगबिगी/ प्रेमि-प्रेमिका पाउन मोहनी र कालो जादु: एक रिपोर्ट

The story behind my Vedic Astrology is interesting to hear. One fine morning my sister called me to come to the place where she was. And in Nepal, those days were strike days, no vehicles were allowed in the street and I had to walk more than 10 km to reach my sister. 

She was with a Nepal’s Genuine Astrologer Kavi Raj Sapkota who had lived away from his family for 27 years doing his Jyotish Sadhana. That day, I remember I walked the whole street to meet him, leaving the cooked food in the table, full of curiosity in mind.

Although I had no stronger beliefs in Astrology and such superstitious things I do have religious concepts of Hinduism from my childhood. Long story short, he left me in “AWE” feeling as he predicted that I had the only tree in front of my house and that tree was recently being cutdown which was true. What? How did he know? Did my sister already tell him or what? I had many questions in mind, so, to get all the questions I start visiting him daily then after, later he predicted many things exactly.

I had no choice left but to learned it to know how it works to let other people know the science behind it. This is how my Astrology journey began.

Online Vedic Counselling


I started practising Jyotish in Nepal from 2007/08 from Kalopul-35, Kathmandu and Maitidevi Kathmandu Nepal and started providing my Vedic Counselling services in Nepal. I stayed in this place for over 10 years and moved to Australia in 2016 and Established myself as a Nepalese Astrologer in Australia

Having said that, Australia opened many opportunities for me to connect not only in Sydney as an Astrologer in Sydney but also many Nepalese started looking for Nepalese Astrologer in Melbourne, Nepalese Astrologer in Canberra and Queanbeyan region, Nepalese Astrologer in Darwin, Nepalese Astrologer in Queensland, Nepalese Astrologer in Adelaide and so on. Apart from Australia, Nepalese people around the globe are connected to me. Few on them are in Germany(Nepalese Astrologer in Frankfurt), UK (Nepalese Astrologer in London) USA (Nepalese Astrologer in Oklahoma, Nepalese Astrologer in Arizona, Astrologer in New York).

Now, how do I provide my services to these people around the globe? There are some differences in Nepal and abroad. In Nepal people wants to visit by person but in overseas privacy matters, people have the choice if they want to show me their face or they ware willing to talk to me via Phone, Messenger, email or SKYPE. In these ways, we save time travelling and have privacy maintained to the people who want to have Jyotish Counselling.

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Who Should visit Jyotish Vedic Counselling?


A genuine astrologer is a motivator coach and shows a Life direction as a guide in a very scientific way. Astrology is a science that our Vedic rishis have discovered calculating certain degrees on the cosmic position of planets and proposing a theory behind that positioning of planets. For instance, Mars placed in one’s


Ascendant with degrees between 10-25 makes a stubborn personality with other combination of zodiac placements. So, it is a good idea to know our personality and act accordingly.  People are very confused to start a new business, think about a career, which is why Jyotish comes into play.


According to Vedic Astrology, there are certain planets that rule certain things, for example, Shani dev predicts slow and gradual progress, if a person has Shani prominent in his/her Horoscope chart then an Astrologer might make aware to that person that there could be slow and gradual progress for that specific person. If you have any question or confusion that Vedic Astrology can guide you then its best to contact and get a genuine suggestion from the Astrologer near you or a Jyotish near you. 

In the end, If you are looking for genuine Astrologer or Jyotish that inspires you, motivates you and keeps you update about your horoscope chart, kindly contact Jyotish Prakash Basistha. 

How do you find the best Astrology and Genuine Astrologer?

To find the genuine Vedic Counselling in Astrology, the best way and the first thing I suggest is to contact your regular Jyotish from back home. This can be done by calling your parents about the Jyotish they have been seeing since few years. Get the advice from your own Jyotish or Astrologer in Nepal or India or your own country. Secondly, ask your parents or family members to send your horoscope chart or Kundli created by your family Vedic Counselling

Third, Google Astrologer near me, or your city like “Astrologer in Kathmandu”, “Astrologer in Australia” etc. Find review on Google and in any social media platforms to check if its genuine reviews or reviews from fake Gmail ranking only. Also, the best way to locate a good Astrologer for providing the best counselling is to ask your friends for Jyotish, who can comfortably answer your question or ask for recommendations in your community Facebook group. Then, If they know any Jyotish, do a little research about him by talking to him directly and make an appointment to visit Astrologer you know. 


Looking for Jyotish

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