Overseas settlement through Astrology

Can you predict “if I can Settle Overseas?”

A young couple booked an appointment with me last week. As usual, I always start providing my counselling from Lagna; the first house of the horoscope. This house depicts your personality, as I am describing their personality and other affiliations of planet Saturn being in the first house; that couple was smiling and looking at each other.

Overseas settlement through Astrology

Often I know, I am telling their secrets by looking at their horoscope. No way. I didn’t know them earlier.

Canada passport: Nepalese Jyotish in Australia

Given all the details about their horoscope chart from first house Lagna to 12 house, they waited until I asked them; “now, it’s your turn to ask a question if you have? any”. And they both were in tune with my voice as if they were not there or were lost in the sound of my voice. A moment passed, and the lady said, yes, you have answered a few things about abroad, and we are already in Australia. Can you please tell us if we can settle outside of our birth countries?

To check the overseas settlement; Shani (Saturn) transiting in the 12th house, and the lady’s Lagna lord is in the 12 house. This gave me simple yet strong evidence to say that “as per your Lagna and 12 house, it is of great possibility that you will be settling in overseas, outside of your birthplace.” Analysis of other deeper levels is not shared here.

Overseas Settlement through Astrology

I have cross-checked if the native parents have moved after her birth or not. Receiving a positive answer, repeated, yes it is the time to relocate, I am afraid to say overseas, but it’s time to relocate, maybe another unit, house, place, city, state or country. It has a greater possibility to that, multiples times.

Now, after listening to this, they shared that they are in their new unit; just moved a week ago. and have also applied for permanent residency in Australia and also for Canada. And now they are more interested to learn about Canadian permanent residency.

Further investigating more in-depth, I have given certain dates, times and other clues about their queries. They were more than satisfied with what they have paid for, mostly things about relocating. “how did you know we have moved?” she was asking.

I was guessing, guessing through the Vedic planetary system. and thus guessing becomes like knowing or knowable.

Why don’t I answer it straight?

A Vedic Astrology can’t give you a straight answer in Yes or No. yes, you read it correctly. In Nepal or in India, you can hear those words but not in other countries. As it is not guaranteed. It can only be answered by having more possibilities or fewer possibilities.
I know that I can’t predict everything 100%, and for sure, nothing is 100% so does Astrology.

But when you visit a Vedic Astrologer, you get a sense of satisfaction, hope and motivation to move forward with more accuracy and confidently. Do you agree?

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