Patience Vs Pandemic : Covid-19

Greetings Pranam


In this stage, the government started panicking people. In the name of supporting and caring their people they have now started to create a fear inside every individual, every child and their citizens. This ever lasting fear, anxiety and terror will remain in the mind of people and stabilise their full potential.

We have seen deaths in China and the same going on in Italy. The individual bodies are not treated as they were people before their deaths. What a shame on humanity? According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2017) between 291,000 and 646,000 people worldwide die from seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses each year. Do you know? But who cares? This Corona has hit so hard because it kills rapidly, it kills the same number with few ups and down.

It started saying to the people “Stay home”, “Stay Home”. Why?
Why don’t we say only stay home if you have contacted person coming from overseas or have travelled overseas? and asked them to maintain 4 sq metres per person. This means indirectly closing down of bars, restaurant and etc.
The government started creating fears in all people and as a result this will create more fears in individuals, parents and children. In some days people won’t welcome guest in their home. This is going to be worst.

What I have learned?

The new 100 year of my age is now 70 or 65. People wish for more of their life. They wanted a cake on their 100th birthday. And our doctors and scientist have been doing research on how can they increase the life of an individual rather then keeping the balance in nature. Lets accept our living age. There are 140 million births each each where only the deaths is 60 million. can you see imbalance in deaths and same is on birth to. Can we be this prepare and aware like Covid-19 to control birth and deaths. Control in the sense to balance these two factors. And if we can’t do then “Nature does”. The nature tries to balance – in all perspectives. Penetrating artificial methods in increasing the age will bring pandemic like this to our mother earth.

Why Namaste is now “NEW Greetings” Method world wide?