RASHIFAL: Powerful Moments | 25 SEPT

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Today September 25, 2018, Tuesday, Vikram Sambat 2075, Aswin 9, Bhadra Sukla Pakshya Purnima (Till 18:52:56 Sydney)
ShoraShraddha started literally “fortnight of the ancestors” for 16 days before Dashara (Hindu Festival)

Ps: In this 16-day from today, the Vedic ceremony except ancestors are performed less or avoided. Want to know why? Comment below:

mesha 01Mesha/Aries:

From last night, you may have mental or any health issues may be minor or major depends. Travel to foreign lands, more expenses will occur today. Business loss better provides the informed amount of money t vendors or stakeholders. Although you have the financial loss, wise expenses might increase your luck and travel away from home bring fruitful changes in life today.


You may wish to make some income through talks, friends or service. Misunderstanding in a relationship will be seen on the surface. There might be a tilt-shift in the service you are currently in. The writers will have been the more adventurous day ahead.

MithunMithun/ Gemini:

Good***, These people always tend to look for new jobs, position, or action in career, profession. There is a bit of challenge in the study, business and profession, however, they will overcome the situation by mobilizing people around them.

KarkatKarkat/ Cancer:

Very Good****, if you are facing situations like a hell, its time to cope up with angels. Challenge them for their luck, be passionate about what you are doing and turn around the table for long distance travel. Be merciful in gratitude to teachers and well-wishers to mark your day remarkable.

Simha/ Leo:

Deepen your thoughts, do research before you speak, serve or seek. You might get cold severely. Seek help from in-laws if you are married. You will probably receive the great surprise of hope, income, financial treasure or debt. Remember kind gods, pray and wish for the very good day in future. Be the lion in yourself. Motivate others for physical and spiritual gains.

KanyaKanya/ Virgo:

The entrepreneurship prevails in your heart, profits from business and partners yet may not be satisfied either. The relationship affair and home will remind you of your pain. it’s time to visit the homeland, love and the self.

giphyTula/ Libra:

Few changes and circumstances are observed in your service and career plan. You might not be able to choose the right thing your service and career. The competition is seen for jobs or career. The financial crisis would teach you to be more humble. The more free community service you do the more you gain from others.


BrishikBrischik/ Scorpio:

It might be the last travel with your love since then. The abroad travel is seen but yet will be negatively impacted by your health. See the doctor if you find any medical issues. There could also be a financial gain from out of passion and network business. It’s also a time for friends.


DhanuDhanu/ Saggitarious:

Income through the land, cattle, home business. Thinking to change the world. But its time for home. Together with the family. Earn and learn through the vehicle, income through partnerships, education and subconscious relationship. Read the sade sati article here for 2018.

MakarMakar/ Capricorn:

Encourage your courage for your motivation in learning, earning and efforts. Go get your dream to fulfil yourself else you end up with nothing. Be generous to siblings and relatives. The effort performed will not be wasted for the future. There might be challenged to find the jobs or to stick it continuously if you have joined recently. Seek the teacher or elders for proper consultation.


Time to think about family members, relatives. calling them to a dinner or so. You can spend the time to cook delicious food to create positive energy around and that would help your self to practically increase luck in education, relation, and long-distance travel. Doctors and engineers are encouraged to serve the family and teachers first at this stage. If you are a student give a big applause to your guru or teacher.

MeenaMeena/ Pisces:

The moon in Pisces will bring a certain pulse to the brain. For some enthusiastic people will be fun while others will struggle with chronic diseases, financial debts, children and many more. If you feel any substantial issues with the head should visit a doctor immediately. The student may be psychologically depressed due to full moon effects.

Note: The above content is not 100% scientifically proven and its the astrologer thought/article about Rashifal/the zodiac.

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