Vedic Baby Names


Choose the best names for your newborn. The Vedic Jyotish also predicts the best start sound of a newborn. It is calculated with the birth date, birth time and birthplace. After you receive a new letter like “aa”, ch, chu, che, laa, lu, you can then create or choose your favourite names as you wish your kids name to be. Vedic Name comes with definite sounds which produce a rhythm in this cosmic. When you call someone with a specific name, it creates a specific vibration to resonates in their heart which increases their positive personality and learns life lessons.

In the east, We have Vedic names relating to the god’s name, for example, Krishna is named that symbolises great consciousness and teaches us or reminds us about Devotion to god. Therefore, The names are spiritually connected and provide a sense of purpose.

So, Are you willing to know the first letter of your newborn baby according to Vedic Jyotish?


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