Career Counselling Through Vedic Astrology


Career Counselling Through Vedic Astrology

Time: 30 min
Details needed of male/female
1. Date of birth
2. Time of birth
3. Place of birth Medium: Video call/ Audio/ in-person / Messages Chat

The process of Consultation

  1. Book the time with Ask Jyotish
  2. Sending their details
  3. Wait for the confirmation E-mail Information with your time and place.

Career Consultation

Stable Career is a must required thing in today’s hustling world. But sometimes, in spite of severe hard work and efforts, you may find it hard to build a stable career. If you are doing constant hard work but still not being able to achieve the desired the results the probably your timing is not in accordance with your life pattern. To hit the perfect timing, you will need a good career consultation. Here, In Ask Jyotish, We provide detailed Career Consultations.

What We Do in Vedic Career Consultation:

10th house analysis
10th House in Vedic Astrology represents the career, social status in one’s life. A strong 10th house indicates a very stable career in one’s life. Here, We dissect the 10th house and counsel the native regarding his/her career.

Job/Business favourability in accordance with Mahadashas

The dilemma between going towards daily job routine and initiating a new business is seen very common. To pinpoint the path, one needs to analyze the maha Dasha and 6th house. Why 6th house, because 6th house is the house of daily life affairs(job routine) in Vedic Astrology. Here, in Ask Jyotish, We calculate the maha Dasha running and squeeze out the perfect time to join/apply for a new job or to initiate a new business along with their favourability. We provide a holistic approach to career consultation.

D10(Dashamsha) dissection

D10 is a very key chart for analyzing the career. It is the VARGA CHART, especially calculated just to know the social stature and career. Many astrologers tend to dodge this chart. But, here in Ask Jyotish, D10 Varga chart is also kept in consideration while analyzing and counselling.

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