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Vedic Marriage Compatibility Check

Time: 30 min
Details needed of a couple both male/female
1. Date of birth
2. Time of birth
3. Place of birth Medium: Video call/ Audio/ in-person / Messages Chat

The process of Booking Consultation

  1. Book the time with Ask Jyotish
  2. Fill out your respective details throughout the checkout process
  3. Wait for the confirmation email Information about Vedic Marriage Compatibility check
  4. You will be then contacted in your booked time if available else you will be emailed or contacted providing to choose from available options

What We Do in Vedic Marriage/Relationship Compatability Check:

Checking Mangalik Dosha:

In Ask Jyotish, We check the position of Mangal(Mars), which is a very important graha in marital relation and match the mangal dosha of the couple. Presence Mangalik dosha/Mangal Dosha can bring in the stress inside marital bliss. Mars if present in 1st,2nd,4th,7th,8th and 12th house in a natal chart, then it is considered as Mangalik. However, there may be many Manglik cancellations in one’s chart. So in order to analyze the natal chart in a more holistic way and see the position of mangal/Manglik dosha, you can contact at Ask Jyotish. We provide a holistic approach to analyzing Mangalik Dosha.

Ashtakoot Guna Milan:

Along with Mangalik Check, We do the Astakoota matching of the two individuals in love or in the verge of getting married. Astakoota matching is a very important aspect in Vedic Astrology. Asthakoota includes Varan, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi.
The total points allotted to each of the eight components are as follows :
Varna(Identity/Ego) = 1
Vashya(Power/Control) = 2
Tara(Closeness/Friendship) = 3
Yoni(Sexual affinity) = 4
Graha Maitri(Harmony) = 5
Gana(Temperament/Behaviour) = 6
Bhakoot(Love) = 7
Nadi(Health) = 8

Now the basic requirement or the minimum points to be achieved in Ashtakoota Guna Milaan is 18. However, there sare some exceptional case where below 18 have found to be enjoying marital bliss, but this is very rare.

Guna Points Inference in Marriage
0-9 Bad
10-17 Below Average/not so good
18-27 Threshold/good marital bliss
27-36 Excellent

7th house analysis.

In Vedic Astrology, the 7th house denotes the spouse/partner. So analyzing the 7th house is the must step to follow while giving any consultations related to marriage and relationships. Here, In Ask Jyotish, we provide a complete analysis of your 7th house so that you get to know more about your partner/spouse. For example, Sun in 7th house may indicate a spouse who approaches to you would be in a more bold and dominating manner. He/She would be someone who values his/her identity/ego like none else. So to know all these basic traits, you can contact at Ask Jyotish for the Marriage/Relationship Consultation.

D9(Navamsa) matching

D9 is called the fruit of a natal chart. D9 chart is the imprint of life after marriage. So it is very essential to analyze this chart. We provide a detailed analysis of the D9 chart and give the imprint of how the second half of life would function in your life. For example, someone having Ketu in the 7th house of Navamsha may denote he/she would lose interest in the marital relationships with the passage of time as Ketu denotes detachment.

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