Quora: My boyfriend believes in kundlis and according to his kundli he has a very short lifespan . Since the day he told me this, I’ve been constantly haunted by this thought of loosing him. How do I cope with this?

My Answer:


As of my understanding, Astrology is creating a life full of joy and more lovable. Astrology could make someone aware of their potential and live life to the fullest. The fear and hatred isn’t the spirit of Kundlis. If that created shift in your conscious level you need to learn a deeper form of Astrology and understand the science beyond it. By doing this you will understand that your boyfriend lifespan could not be predicted by Kundlis but few still do it.

From Kundli, you can start learning about life pattern, living by choice and passion. You can learn the vivid of life event and its unpredictable approaches. It is vast, deep and more profound to learn and grow our magnificence. Astrology is science to develop human consciousness to the next level.

And anything you take deeply into your mind goes to the subconscious. and if you take negative thoughts or any negative energy it might get multiplied. Those thoughts will then start to affect your daily life. Your career will be impacted. Even you may start arguing with your boyfriend on this topic. You might start searching that Kundlis prediction will be right always.

Start to appreciate life as is. Start to see life in a different way. Have you seen any Astrologist being predicting 100% right? You can also read how appreciation and trust bring abundance in life.

The second things might be to create a few changes in your life or in between your relationship. Don’t panic and think before you act. You have “free will” to choose between the scenario. I have a similar case for husband and wife. Wife is so conscious and tensed that her husband does not understand her. She now gets other issues that her husband doesn’t understand her since she is only worried about her husband life. She goes to many doctors, Astrologist and other people. But the tendency of husband and wife is different. Husband is less worried or let’s say, worried just for that time of the incident. Now the wife’s mind is haunted. They get separated by these issues of not understanding each other forgetting the first issue of her husband in the first place.

don’t get this problem to disturb your relationship. Get Genuine consultation from Vedic Astrologer of the experienced one. The spiritual Astrologist won’t panic you. They show love and compassion towards the client and their service.

The feeling of haunted may be seen obvious to you. But the issue may prevail if it has any relation from past lives. If it has any connection from past lives than it is there for reason. It may be because you had to feel that pain back, or you had to learn something new which you have to find yourself. Or to show some love to your boyfriend, care or support. Can be anything but full of love and compassion.

God bless!