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Rahu and Ketu with Desire and Ambitions

Whenever you need to win the race or take part in the competition in the age of science and technology; Rahu comes to play. Rahu is often known as the Desire and ambitions with the body or the object to feed in. So with the understanding the power of Rahu and ketu, their energy can be utilised in the direction of our destiny or to fulfil our life purpose. 

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To access and acquire prosperity, success in life; first you must desire. The proper discipline and action in our daily habits then play an important role to get our goal fulfilled in specified time. What do you think Rahu and Ketu would bring to you; challenges or the opportunity?

What happens when Rahu and Ketu Transits to Brish and Brishik

As per some Astrological text, Rahu and Ketu are moving towards their comfortable house. And you could feel that energy or Rahu and Ketu will to get into their own houses. Its time to feel the immense energy of Rahu on your Natal (Birth) chart placement towards transitioning Rahu on September 23.

Take this, for example, if your Rahu is on 10 house of Career and now it has moved to somewhere else like 12th house or 6th house, it might give intense energy shifting your career, jobs or change of job roles, increment, decrement and many might be competition as well.

What changes your life is important

But, there is nothing to worry about there must be a catalyst do make this all changes, do not make yourself frustrated for a while, do not react to your colleagues’ words and emotions. Just repeat your own goddess mantra of say “This too will pass”. and you will be on next shore.
And, do not forget that Rahu is your own illusion created by your own mind. It is sometimes creating a huge confusion like a stage on our mind. Just repeat “This too will pass” and make a decision when you are at peace and you know it that there is no confusion.

Mental Health and illness with Mind process

There are few things we all need to focus on and that is our Mental Health as its time for the planetary come into play into our minds. You can read more about Mental health (Depression)through the periscope of Vedic Astrology article here too. Rahu is a great illusionist, scientist, Intelligence and is the ambassador of the science of Technology or say “Brand personality“. As times passes, we can see science and technology taking our place in family and friends and career. We have no reason to ask our friend to talk to us, no reason to ask our family to stay together and have fun. This time is the time where we connect with the world and isolate with the dear ones. This might be one of the reasons that impact our mental health and well being.

Rahu and Ketu with Desire and Ambitions: Future of curiosity 

As a Curiosity and intelligence, Rahu develops new ideas in minutes, in days and every hour but the main problem of Rahu happens to be action. Rahu has no anybody, which means it does not take any responsibility to act upon its own conscience. Here again, we are deemed by Rahu as our mind thinks a lot will be happening soon and we seem hopeless after a while to react.

Act, do not react

When you are aware that your mind puddles around many creative ideas but would not like to indulge or stay with either of any, take this omen as the influence of Rahu and Ketu.  In a situation like this, it would be wise to not react to that situation but to act on it. Acting on any circumstances takes time to think over it. Acting is our actions on particular circumstances being aware of those situations and their consequences. Stephen Covey in his book “Stephen Covey 7 habits of highly effective people” emphasis one important habit as to “Begin with the end in mind” habit. Practising this habit in our life action-oriented rather than reacting like a chemical formula of our mind.

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