Same Gotra marriage

The positive aspect of the same GOTRA Marriage that has left us far behind then science?

Same GOTRA Marriage?

A GOTRA consists of many castes. For example, Basistha GOTRA in Nepal consists of caste-like Bhandari, Bhattarai, Kharel, Dawadi, Gaire and Chalise. It depends on which country you are residing in and what culture you are following. In western countries like America, Gotra does not come to play whereas countries like Nepal and India do have some traditional restrictions on Same GOTRA marriage.

According to Nepalese traditions, you are not allowed to get married in the same GOTRA.
But with the development of Science and traditions, culture has been modified by young teens and have accepted to challenge the socio-cultural structure of society.


Know Your Gotra:

Same GOTRA marriage in Nepal

Now the questions stand still the same? Are we allowed to marry the same caste in Nepal? The traditional answer is “NO”, but legally it depends on the different country law you are in.
Are we allowed to marry in the same GOTRA? The short answer for this is the same “No”, But the legal scenario depends on the country’s law.

The one things : perception

well, its the perception in a few eastern countries that if we get married in the same GOTRA, there will be negativity in the husband-wife relationship. And these are just perceptions and beliefs as the same GOTRA people are from the same Clan. A Basistha GOTRA individuals or groups are from the same clan of Basistha rishi and believed to have a connection with the DNA which may result in different non-biological effects in decedents. For this scientific reason, the same GOTRA marriage is prohibited in Nepal and other eastern and Vedic Countries.

The latest evidence shows that there are people getting married and living happily in the same GOTRA and is not observed any biological effects excepts socio-cultural hatred to those couples challenging the society. For this reason, Parents still do not engage themselves in the same GOTRA marriage relationships.

Shall I marry the same GOTRA?

In conclusion, We still believe that there will be evil effects in family, couples can’t stay together for a longer time, there will be effective on children and this and that but individual young generations are gradually accepting and moving forward to challenge the society and such belief.

Society is changing and so do we. We are human and we are one. This is the only truth else is in your hand.

GOTRA And Marriage

Marriage is linked with so many elements of Vedic Astrology. So when it comes to Vedic Astrology, it is not upon one thing that describes the do’s and don’t of marriage. There has to be through the study of Lagna, Rashi and their lords, 7th Rashi, Shukra and its lord, Navamsha etc. There are again many misunderstanding in Jyotish itself, for example, many of us have misunderstood RAHU as negative. But to clarify the effects of RAHU, we have written our article on Conversation with RAHU[read here].

Mangalik and Marriage

Besides all, there is an important aspect in marriage. If there is any manglik effect in anyone’s chart, there marriage is considered less positive. And if there is Magal, Same GOTRA and negative 7th house then the native life would be challenging married life.

Remedies and Treatments

There is no any remedy like paracetamol medicine, it is believed that if we practice mantra chanting, Pooja, Chanting, Grow understanding & Awareness and Gemstones and Consultations than the negative effect is reduced to certain instances.

For Manglik issues and remedy: pray lord Shiva, Mangal dev and Mangal dev Mantra, or Hunuman Jee

For GOTRA Marriage: Understanding eachother, Wordship lord Shiva, Surya dev and mantra and talk to parents calmly.


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