Saturn Transit 2017

Well, I have been waiting so long to write on Jyotish possibilities. Today might be a special day for me to write. I have read somewhere a proverb  “Jab Jaga tab Sabera” which clearly states that the moment you woke up is the right time. And here I am.

Do you mind if I do not introduce you to Saturn? Anyways let me tell you that this planet has certain sound vibration that would create a pattern in our body. This vibrations in our body could heal us from other impurities and illness. This could make us feel more incompatible to the environment. Let me give you an example that I am feeling comfortable after the end of this Saturn transit towards Sagittarius on Oct 26, 2017.

Saturn in milky way galaxy/image: Shutterstock

Saturn is entering the sign of Sagittarius on Oct 26 from Scorpio for about 2 and a half year from now. We will discuss the manual effect of Saturn in Sagittarius during these periods till 25 January 2020. During Saturn transit 2017, sade saati effects will be over for Libra Moon Sign natives. Those born in CapricornMoon Sign will begin their first phase of sade saati as Saturn transits to Sagittarius.

8th house transit of Saturn, ‘Ashtam Shani’, would be experienced by natives born in Taurus while 10th house transit, ‘Kantak Shani’ impact will be experienced by Virgo natives.

Now lets summarize in general, Libra sign people are out of Saturn effect while Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn people are having Sadesaati effects of Saturn. These people along with Taurus and Virgo are too affected.

Sagittarius is the sign related to deeper and higher wisdom, education, faith, believe, religion, institution, pilgrims, teachers, and to do good for others. Sagittarius also rules social media, journalism, travel industry, philanthropy, sports, and gambling. ()

Saturn rule over death and rebirth and is the karaka of Longevity.It is a strict teacher. Saturn teaches you, what you need to learn. Saturn’s rings are never easy, it demand discipline, maturity and growth and evolution. That is why it is recommended, for those people who have Saturn in 7th house should wait until 30 years of age so that they become mature enough about relationship and able to handle relationship.