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Things to Remember

Element- Fire | Gender- Male | Ruler- Mars

Mesha is the first sign of all Zodiac sign. It is ruled by planet Mars which is the red, giant and fierce planet of all. Aries possess the lighter and positive side of Mars so that they will possess leadership in them and since they are forceful they tend to speak directly to the topic and maybe bluntly with their partners and friends.

The Sanskrit word “Mangal” means “being well”.   It is necessary to know that this planet is associated with Santana Religion of Mangal God.  He is a male god and is worshiped for all the positiveness to self and well being to the family. Most of the people believe Mangal as the pioneering new ideas bless us to start, continue our projects with ease.  The people blessed with Mangal are blessed with courage. Mangal people are highly donor and contributor. Mangal is ambitions and is the king of the earth. Lord Ganesha takes care of mother Earth and blesses people with Mangal. Lord Ganesha, Hanumanji is remembered while in meditation. The gratitude and respect towards others will increase the vibration of Mangal and win-shield is thus Created to protect you from.

They always create environment as their will and get disappointed quickly if they fail in this. They think quick but try later. They are not bound by rules rather they create their own rules which make them non compatible around friends and families.  The are compatible with cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius sign but will do much with Leo and Sagittarius.

Traditionally these people are army, police and and profession related to energy and force. but In modern scenario these folks are more influenced; they could be more related to earth, yes, they might be engineer, chef as they are related to earth grown plants, pilots as these profession to need courage and so on. (will update more on future, come back)

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