Rahu and Stock market

Stock Market In Jyotisha : An Original Research

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Stock Market 2020-2021 : An Original Research

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“2020 Lockdown” brought the economic downfall in the world. Most of the countries GDP went downhill and suffered recession. However, the economy had a good aspect on its sight. The number of people getting into the market of Shares and Stocks is growing very high. This might sound sudden to many people but in the eye of Jyotisha, it was always predictable. How? Lets break it down below.

Before breaking into the pattern, let’s discuss two grahas which were responsible for this stock market progress. Shukra(Venus) and Rahu.

Shukra graha

Venus represents wealth in Jyotish. Venus is the indicator of material gains, money, wealth in Vedic Astrology. Besides wealth, the other significations of Venus are:

1. Marriage

2. Woman

3. Happiness from sexual life 

4. Semen

5. Skilled in fine arts

6. Urinary Tract


Shukracharya was the child of Sage Bhrigu. He is the preceptor of the evil presences. Shukra was the just one thought about deserving of being conceded the information on MritaSanjivani vidya by Lord Shiva. This information should rejuvenate back even dead.

Venus is considered as Goddess of love, marriage, magnificence and solaces. It is a type of Maha Lakshmi, the spouse of master Vishnu. Venus rules over the Yajurveda and the Vasant Ritu(April and May).

Effects of rahu in each house

Rahu represents suddenness, quickness as it is of demonic attacking nature. Its quality is always smoky. Beside suddenness, Rahu represents:

1. Addiction

2. Paternal Grandfather

3. Quirkiness

4. Lust

5. Purpose

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Now, when these two grahas i.e. Shukra(Venus) and Rahu come together in anysense their quality also gets merged. To break it down more further Rahu in Venus sign, or Rahu aspects Venus or even Rahu-Venus combination, any of these situations in the natal chart will make one get inclined towards making quick money. Why? Because Rahu is quick and Venus is wealth. 

Rahu and Stock market
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Now if we look back at the transit, Rahu moved in the sign on Venus in September 2020. Just after one month of Rahu’s entrance, in October a web series got aired in India naming “Scam 1992:The Harshad Mehta Story”. This web series was a real story about a scam that happened in the Stock Market of India. This led a lot of people to jump into the curiosity well of Stock Market. Its effect was so high that the neighboring country i.e, Nepal also got affected. 

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Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

Suddenly, large masses of the population started coming to Share Market and started investing as well. Now, this might sound sudden but it was not. Rahu moving into the sign of Venus already gave a hint of a quick money mindset. the time frame of Rahu’s transit and this series is too damn peculiar. It is said that Rahu’s transit won’t take any time to show its effect and really that happened as well.

The dictum of Jyotish worked so perfectly here in this case. The real incident happened just as told per Shastras. Rahu-Venus= People will get interested to make quick money. So the progress in Stock market was a pattern of Rahu Venus getting together.