Vedic Vastu Shastra: A Pocket Overview

Vedic Vastu Shastra: A Pocket Overview


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What is Vaastu Meaning:

The Sanskrit word vāstu means a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. The underlying root is vas “to dwell, live, stay, reside”. The term shastra may loosely be translated as “doctrine, teaching”. Vāstu-Śastras (literally, the science of dwelling) are ancient Sanskrit manuals of architecture. VAASTU-Purusha is the most important being if one has to understand Vastu Shastra as a whole.

The story of the origin of the VAASTU-Purusha is narrated in the Matsya-Purana.

Mythological STORY:

A long time ago Lord Shiva took on a war against the demon named Andhak and killed him. Since the fight was for some time drawn, Lord Shiva got drained. He was perspiring abundantly. A drop of sweat fell on the ground and a humanoid sort was resulting from that. He had a gigantic and horrible body. He was likewise eager and begun to drink the blood of the killed beast Andhak. Even subsequent to drinking the blood, his yearning was not satisfied and he was unable to endure it. Henceforth he implored Lord Shiva to permit him to eat all the three worlds. Lord Shiva was satisfied with his atonement and allowed him his desire.

As soon as Lord Shiva granted him his wish, the demon captured all the three worlds and started to eat every living being. This caused havoc all around and anxiety amongst the gods and goddesses, humans, and demons. They approached Lord Brahma for help. Lord Brahma came up with an idea.

He told them to knock the demon down in a prone position. Accordingly the 45 major and minor gods felled him down. The 32 gods from outside and 13 gods from inside held him down. The names of 32 gods who held him from outside are as follows – 1) Eesh [Shikhi] 2) Parjanya 3) Jayant 4) Indra 5) Surya 6) Satya 7) Bhrush 8) Aakash 9) Waayu 10) Poosha 11) Vitatha 12) Bruhatkshat 13) Yama 14) Gandharva 15) Bhrungaraj 16) Mruga 17) Pitru 18) Douwarik 19) Sugreeva 20) Pushpadant 21) Varun 22) Asur 23) Shoka 24) Papyakshma 25) Roga 26) Ahi 27) Mukhya 28) Bhallat 29) Soma 30) Sarpa 31) Aditi 32) Diti .

The above mentioned 32 gods are outside the limits of the VAASTU (the building ), whereas the below mentioned 13 gods are within the limits of the VAASTU – 1) Aap 2) Savita 3) Indra(with Jayant) 4) Shesha 5) Marichi 6) Savitri 7) Vivaswan 8) Vishnu 9) Mitra 10) Rudra 11) Pruthvidhar 12) Aapvatsa 13) Brahma.

All these gods attacked that demon and held him down by sitting on various parts of his body.  Eesh (Agni – Fire) on the head, Aap on the face, Pruthvidhar and Aryama (Marichi) on the chest, Aapvatsa on the chest, Diti and Indra on the upper arms, Som and Surya on the right hand, Rudra and Rajyakshama(Papyakshma ) on the left hand, Savitri and Savita on the right arm, Vivaswan and Mitra on the stomach, Poosha and Aryama (Marichi) on the wrist, Asur and Shesha on the left flank, Vitatha and Bruhatkshat on the right flank, Yama and Varuna on the thigh, Gandharva and Pushpadant on the knees, Sugreeva and Mruga on the lower legs, Douwarik and Mruga on the feet, Jay and Satya on the hair on legs, and Brahma on the heart.

Upon being pinned down he started to cry and asked God Brahma and Shiva “You created me, and now you are doing this treatment to me?

What’s my fault?”

To his question, Lord Brahma answered “I know it’s not your fault, but you have become a threat to everyone.

I don’t want to destroy what I have created and hence you have to remain like this forever.”

“But what’s my benefit in all this?” the man asked.

Brahma said “I will make you immortal and all mortal people who build any sort of structure on earth will worship you.

You can tease, devour, and trouble these people if they don’t worship you and don’t keep you happy.

You will be present in all the land and you are from now onwards known as Vastu Purusha”. Since then, VAASTU Purusha has become the most important being in Vastu Shastra.


VAASTU Purusha is contained in a mandala, called as Vastu Mandala. Vastu Mandala comprises 45 gods, out of which 13 are inner devtas and the rest 32 are outer devtas. These deities represents the subtler part of creation and manifestation and are very important in Vaastu Shaastra.

So, to get a brief on every deities and devtas here is a brief pocket overview on each of those deities:

The inner 13 deities of Vastu Purusha Mandala


It is the central space of the Vastu. It is also known as Brahmasthan. Brahma is the core creator, main manifestation, and root of all the energy in the universe. It is highly recommended not to mess with it. Thus it is best left empty and vacant in any Vastu.

From Brahma emerge 4 main energy fields in 4 cardinal directions, i.e. in North, East, South, and West. In this sequence these energy fields are-


It offers energy to initiate or begin any work or task.


It offers the expertise to mingle with people and to establish connections.


It offers energy to attain the peak of success and fame.


It offers energy in the form of motivation to take fruitful action.

From these 4 energies, along with that of Brahma, emerge 8 more energy fields on the diagonal direction (i.e. on NE, NW, SE, SW). These are called the asthasiddhiyan and are named as follows-


It offers energy to carry out tasks, without interruption. It also represents emotional imbalance.


It offers supportive and supervising energy to carry out the ideas offered by the mind.


It offers energy to attain the right way to accomplish a task, find solutions to any problem, and promote healing.


It offers helping energy for apa and also acts as a reservoir of nutrition.   


only planning is not adequate in life. This field offers motivational energy to begin any action.     


It offers supportive energy for savita, and towards managing funds.                                   


It offers energy to expand on the property and especially, business. Highly beneficial for business properties.         


It offers helping energy to carry out the tasks of Indra, in the form of tools, skills, and mediums.



N- North(N1 – N8)

S- South(S1 – S8)

W- West(W1 – W8)

E- East(E1 – E8)

The outer 32 deities of Vastu Purusha Mandala

Shikhi : E1

• Third eye of Shiva
• Power to conceive any idea
• Heavy stuff kept here can also cause an imbalance
• Issues of eyesight
• Office gate here will cause problems related to electricity.
• Entrance here gives fire, accidents and losses
• Kitchen here causes anger and frustration, lots of mental disturbance.
• A store over here causes a blocked mindset.
• A toilet here can be associated with mental defects.
• Sitting here for a long time can give disinterestedness in life.


• Best place to meditate. Gives insights
• Flora and Faunas are suitable here.
• Lot of efforts without any result if the toilet is placed here.
• Related to women Fertility issues if an imbalance in this region.
• Washing machine here will create imbalance.
• No adequate returns if kitchen here.
• Mother child photo in this region improves their relationship.
• Flower bouquet in this area gives good result.
• Fruit basket creates abundance.
• Entrance here gives expenditure too.


• Successful in all understanding.
• Goals and enthusiasm and ideas.
• Sword when put here may make one critical and bitter in language.
• Bedroom in this area makes the person street smart.
• Toilet here has negative effects on children, they will not be able to express well. Will be very simplistic and shy.
• Wine storage or book store will give benefits in terms of social mingling.
• Plants are very good here.
• Entrance here equipped the residents with everything that helps them enjoy success in the materialistic world/money, profits and success
• Living room and dining are good here.


• Great association, powerful contacts, luxury, grant money.
• If one needs powerful contacts, one needs to treat this zone.
• Table-chair in the office here gives the top position in the company.
• No recognition of efforts if there is a toilet. Socially, the family will be looked down upon.
• Powerful connections with bedroom here will yield well.
• Livingroom here gives beneficial connections.
• Presence of orange colour in this field gives a positive result.


• Atma or Soul
• Guardian Power and Controller of System.
• Farsightedness and increases Observation Power.
• Chief of 9 planets.
• Depicted by 7 horses chariot.
• It balances energy and strength of the residents.
• Door here gives short temperament and aggressive behaviour.
• Presence of Copper Sun is advisable when overall fire element is weak. Even if South is also weak, copper sun can be beneficial.
• If this energy field is weak, the men of the house are very mellow and soft.
• Kitchen here will bring aggression
• Things will not be very systematic and organised in the home or office if this field is weak.
• Imbalances in this energy field can be associated to lack of sex drive in men.


• Goodwill and credibility creator.
• Attributes very close to Surya.
• It imparts the power of right thinking.
• Encourages fulfilling of commitment.
• Biggest commitment is Marriage. Imbalances in this zone needs to be balanced if there are challenges in marriage.
• Imbalance here will make the person to move from one partner to another.
• Mirror can be dangerous here.
• Others too, also fail to fulfil their commitment towards you, when imbalanced.


• Brings out something by rubbing two things
• Action will not be executed if this field is weak
• Will think excessively if this field is weak, so the end result will be disturbed.
• Can be balanced by keeping Mixer-Grinder.
• Analytical capability is disturbed if this is weak.
• A cut here will not lead to any decision making,
• This is Kama Devta, energy of that creates Desires
• Presence of sewerage gives unfavourable results here.
• Metallic art and show pieces are not desirable
• Sewing machine here leads to BP fluctuation and anxiety.
• If the thinking/analysis, is not good, examine this field.
• Dustbin may not always be favourable here.


• Space between earth and heaven.
• This is the oxygen needed to make anything happen.
• Manifestation is possible only through Akash.
• Door in this area causes financial losses.
• If you keep anything here , people will recognise it and appreciate it.
• If this zone is weak, cause high chances of theft.
• Sri Yantra if kept here will give positive results. .
• Gives aggression and body rashes if imbalanced.
• Copper is good to balance this zone.
• Cut in this field, elder son of the house is away from home and not a part of the family.
• If there is a store, it adversely effects the happy events in life.


• Lord of Wind energy
• If someone says, the work is not even starting , then check this energy field.
• Door here effects the elder son negatively.
• Semen count is less in case of childbirth if this is energy is disturbed.
• Presence of yellow colour may heavy cash crunch.


• This is nourishing like mother nourishes a child
• Best place to keep Ghee.
• Safeguard of everything including money
• Keep a Red Mat here.
• Imbalance causes problem in family bonding.
• Family photos kept here increases the bonding here strongly amongst the family members
• Blue colour here shows weakened body.
• Children will not be self sufficient if imbalance here.
• A person will work under someone if this zone is imbalanced.
• Toilet here will cause bad growth of child.
• Keep a Hanuman Ji photo showing strength there.


• Pretender . Untrue.. Associated with Falsehood.
• When this field is extended, all family member think highly of themselves.
• If zone is balanced , self confidence is very good.
• Imbalance will cause only show-off
• Door here can cause use of unethical means.
• People make False commitments
• Sleeping here people become very bossy.
• Toilets here, can cause people to feel that their capabilities are limited. Creates feelings of Self –doubt.
• Door gives prosperity and abundance.
• Self confidence if balanced.


• Gruha mean Mann and Akshat means Dayra meaning boundaries of mind.
• Helps in self control
• This is very important to achieve success in all desires.
• Defines the boundary of mind.
• When imbalance, people forget their responsibilities and become relaxed and gain casual attitude.
• Cause conflicts and commitment failure. Gives bad company of friends.
• Big water body here causes indiscipline students.
• Children will be better disciplined if they sleep here.
• If imbalanced, people will not listen to others advice. 


• Denotes self control and moral duty.
• Imparts a sense of responsibility
• Makes right choices and lead a discipline life.
• Yama is the Lord of Justice
• People sitting or sleeping here are self motivated and self controlled.
• Toilet here lowers the moral values.
• Water storage here gives a feeling of black magic and occult controlled.
• Musical keyboard kept here makes one practice regularly.
• Self control is missing if imbalanced.


• People good in music are called Gandharv.
• Balanced gives relaxation , happiness, vacations.
If area is cut, people will not take vacations for a long time.
If extended and living room placed here, people are in party mood and don’t take anything seriously.
Sleeping here gives bad thoughts.
If kitchen here , people will enjoy variety in food.
Dining table will cause excess expenditure of food items.
TV, Musical systems is source of recreation here.
If extended, people will be extra relaxed and if cut, people will be extra active.


• Imparts the discretionary power.
• Gives the wisdom to assess things properly.
• Toilet is excellent here.
• All efforts are wasted if bed placed is here. .
• Entrance door in this area– total wastage of efforts.
• Causes rigid mind if more time is spent here.


• Generator of curiosity
• Imparts the ability to grasp the essence of things.
• Keeps searching for satisfying his curiosity.
• It helps to decode the secret of skills.
• Skills and proficiencies and raise their standards to optimal levels.
• Keep study table and tools
• Eagle here gives foresight and detailing. Gives broader vision.
• Toilet here, diminishes the capabilities of learning and thinking.
• Fire hampers the power to learn anything new.


• Responsible for childbirth and marriage.
• Family bonding, love and understanding.
• Will keep struggling with the difficulties of life if imbalanced.
• Toilet here causes instability in life.
• Everyday problems in life if imbalanced.
• Sleeping here makes a person highly critical and perfectionist.
• Kitchen here cause digestion issues. More challenges to the males
• Sewerage will cause serious health issues.
• Aloe Vera plant can cause piles problem
• Don’t keep tools here.
• Family photo here with yellow light is best.


• This area acts as filter in life.
• Responsible for step wise knowledge.
• Power of discretion/ discrimination
• When a person complains of “total wastage of efforts”, look at Daurika along with Bhringraj
• Insecure relationship if this zone is weak.
• Bed here makes one mindful and cautious. Better capability of understanding.
• Imbalances here makes a person waste money on useless products.


• Good grasping power
• One who can solve problems by merely listening to the problems
• Power to memorise things
• Best place to make Gym or akhada
• Problem of forgetfulness or inability to remember if washing machine here.


• Power of blessing.
• Gives the power to overcome day to day problems.
• Imbalance cause inability to conduct day to day matters
• Gaja Lakshmi is a very good remedy here.
• Bedroom gives great opportunities and makes one successful
• Living room here with Black colour sofa makes all discussion fruitful.
• White flowers are a great remedy here.
• Blue colour give good results.
• Safe (Tijori) – best place. Is very useful.
• If balanced, receives help from all sides.


• God of water and Oceans.
• Black Circle is a good remedy here.
• Ability to see , Vision.
• Give the energy to give the best performance in all tasks.
• Sleeping here makes a person perfectionist and over ambitious.
• Good financial position If entrance here.


• Mayavi Asur, the one Out of harmony
• Gives knowledge and light if balanced
• Imbalance creates illusion.
• Leads to Anti-social work, if imbalanced.
• Imbalances makes one tempted to use wrong methods to get things done.
• If balanced, gives depth in spirituality.
• If a person sleeps here, he achieves an attractive personality but can also be in depression. They are generally mentally strong.
• Toilet here – males are not found to be charming. 


• Residents feel low due to negative experiences and mental breakdown, if this one zone is imbalanced. Balance helps them in supporting themselves.
• Ability to communicate out thoughts and share our feelings and clear our hearts to feel light..
• Thyroid problem
• Cut cause depression in life. Inability to express emotion.
• Shoe-rack and dustbin can be kept here.


• Causes disease, weak mind, negative behaviour.
• Residents unable to control their heart and talk only negative things.
• Entrance here is bad. Can give addiction.

ROGA (N1) :

• Drainer of energies, Fever.
• If balanced, it destroys diseases and gives abilities to deal with tough times.
• Death like pain if entrance door is kept here.
• If balanced, makes a person energetic and supportive
• Toilet – fails to receive support.
• Mother of the family is more disturbed if imbalanced


• Generates Lust and desire.
• Entrance door here causes jealousy.
• Imbalance here will attract people but they will be jealous.
• Mirror here may increase materialistic desires manifold.
• Ironing table is not recommended here.
• Shoe-rack is not allowed.
• Residents are less liked by others if dustbin if kept here. People don’t want to attach themselves to such residents.


• If zone is well organised, the house will be well organised
• If the mother or mother in law is sleeping here, she will be a great caretaker of the house.


• Helps to achieve huge things in life
• Safekeeper of Kuber’s wealth
• Male dominated family if entrance here.
• Imbalance – discord with father and the children will not get any property from father
• Keep a money plant with big leaves.


• Power to earn profits
• Associated with Moon
• Understanding of money
• Gate here makes fire weak and thus makes a person satisfied.
• He is the lord of Speech also called “Vachaspati”.
• He rules over the mind.


• Anant Naga. Protects the treasure of health.
• If imbalance, the person is very rude and talks very ill. Can disregard anyone.
• Mind is restless an easily irritable.
• Dustbin will cause irritation in throat.
• Heavy goods will cause problem in Jaws and mouth area.
• Water storage will cause continuous cold and cough.
• Kitchen is worst here.
• Store will only give diseases.
• Door, Toilet, Dampness will cause major illness. 


• Power to overcome all obstacles.
• No metal peace if imbalanced.
• To balance life, this zone must be balanced.
• If while concluding things, we come under stress at the last moment, look at this field for any imbalance.
• If we feel directionless, then check this field.
• If this zone is extended, person will keep searching for Gurus to solve their problems.

DITI (N8) :

• Broad mind, Far-sightedness
• It impacts to the very deep level
• Removes all duality if balanced
• Power to say NO comes from this field
• Imbalanced, people will not follow the traditions and rules/confused mind
• Gives spirituality if entrance here and female dominance with important roles in life.

It is essential to observe that, despite the fact that we allude to them all as divinities; they involve both devas and asuras. It implies that it remembers both positive and negative angle for a given space. Subsequently, it is pivotal to know which perspectives to adjust and which to keep away from, and how to fortify them, in the Vastu Purusha Mandala.

Looking for Vastu for home and different properties has gotten more famous than any other time. With expanding mindfulness among individuals identified with the Vastu shastra; individuals are understanding the significance of the equivalent. Its follow can be seen since the commencement of Sub-Continental human advancement.

Truth be told, in the eldest human advancement, it was kind of standard to execute the rules of Vastu shastra for any structure itself. The engraving of the equivalent can, in any case, be found in remnants of Indian design and old sanctuaries that actually stands today.

It is enthusiastically prescribed to look for Vastu advisor for each property nowadays, so as to ensure prosperous living ahead. To find out about Vastu Purusha Mandala, connect with our specialists at Ask Jyotish Team.