Weekly Horoscope Update:-Date from January-24 to January-30

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Abhimat Subedi

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Weekly Rashi update
Date from January 24 to January 30 | Rashi: Aries-Pisces

The following weekly horoscope is based mostly on the Moon Sign. Moon represents the manas(mind) in Vedic Astrology. On January 24 , Moon is in the sign of Taurus. So these horoscopes are based on the panchanga of January 24 to January 30.

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Weekly Horoscope Aries / Mesha Rashi:

As expected, there will be gains in business. Starting of the week will be very pleasant. Marital life will be full of joy. Students will get great success in higher education. This week is going to be fantastic for the employed and jobholders. people. You will enjoy good health.

Fortune Star:- 4/5

Weekly Horoscope Taurus / Brish Rashi

Religious activities can take place at home. You are likely to get a valuable gift this week. Liaison with people in high positions can be strong. You should avoid extravagance. There is a possibility of re-emergence of chronic diseases.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Weekly Horoscope Gemini / Mithun Rashi

In the middle of the week, the business will earn a very good profit. Your personality will get transformed. You will indulge in religious works. There is a need to control your anger and speech. Tax and loan matters can get complicated. Try to avoid maladjustment. Anger can cause a rift in relationships.

Fortune Star:- 3.5/5

Weekly Horoscope Cancer / Karkat Rashi

You will get benefits in share and stock market-related works. The whole week is going to be very good for you. Take decisions using wisdom instead of emotions. Diabetic patients will have trouble. It is advisable to be cautious on Sundays and Mondays.

Fortune Star:- 4/5

Weekly Horoscope Leo / Simha Rashi

You will achieve great success in your job/career, probably some promotions. Marital and family life will go smoothly. This week is going to be very good for lovers. Business travel is going to be very beneficial for the future. There will be an atmosphere of peace and happiness in the house.

Fortune Star:- 4.5/5

Weekly Horoscope Virgo / Kanya Rashi

Renounce your ego. Due to not giving time to loved ones, you will have to bear their displeasure. It is very important to maintain the privacy of private life. It will be beneficial to do important works on Monday and Tuesday.

Fortune Star:- 3/5

Weekly Horoscope Libra / Tula Rashi

By getting some good news, your enthusiasm will increase manifold. Projects related to construction work will accelerate. If you are planning to get a new house, then this week you can get many such opportunities. Tuesday and Thursday will be particularly auspicious days.

Fortune Star:- 3.5/5

Weekly Horoscope Scorpio / Brischik Rashi

The idea of ​​taking too much risk can send you towards loss. Keep good relations with people. Do not trust anyone more in terms of money. Before making any plan, consider it seriously. The association of negative people can tarnish your image. Moderation should be exercised in food.

Fortune Star:- 3/5

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius / Dhanu Rashi

You will get a lot of support from the officials. You should keep the quality of your work good. New means of income will be developed. People associated with governance will get a high rank. Learn to respect other’s feelings. 

Fortune Star:- 4/5

Weekly Horoscope Capricorn / Makar Rashi

There will be a fear of losing the dear thing. Money gains may be delayed. Do not borrow money from anyone. There may be ideological differences with family members. Muscle strains can cause body aches. Do not let laziness dominate. 

Fortune Star:- 2.5/5

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius / Kumbha Rashi

Love will grow closer in relationships. You will be able to promote your achievements well. Starting of the week is going to be very good. You will greatly enjoy material comforts. . You will take interest in religious works. Wednesday and Thursday will be special auspicious days.

Fortune Star:- 3.5/5

Weekly Horoscope Pisces / Meena Rashi

You will spend time in entertainment works. Blessings will be received from senior members of the household. You will get inspiration to start new works. You will work hard  to achieve the goal. . Do not trust anyone blindly. Take care of discipline in office. You should avoid showing off.

Fortune Star:- 4/5

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