Weekly Horoscope update from March 14 – March 20

Weekly Rashifal

Abhimat Subedi

Abhimat Subedi

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Fortnightly Rashifal Update

Weekly Horoscope update
Date from March 14 - March 20 | Rashi: Aries-Pisces

The following weekly horoscope is based mostly on the Moon Sign. Moon represents the manas(mind) in Vedic Astrology. On March 14 , Moon is in the sign of Pisces. So these horoscopes are based on the panchanga of March 14 – March 20 

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Weekly Horoscope Aries / Mesha Rashi:

Moon transiting over your 12th sign will give you lots of creative ideas this week. You will tend to think outside the box, however too much thinking may drain a lot of energy. Make sure you drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa will give you mental tranquility.

Fortune Star:- 3.5/5

Weekly Horoscope Taurus / Brish Rashi


The blocked monetary issue will get resolved. You will receive unexpected money from unexpected persons. There will be clarity regarding your career in your thoughts. There will be yearning for the relationship in the minds of young people. You will be satisfied by getting a great achievement in a short time. Health and happiness will be good.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Weekly Horoscope Gemini / Mithun Rashi


Old differences and quarrels may reappear suddenly. You may get distracted in the middle of the week. Waste of funds can result in interruptions in an important scheme. You need to work hard. Avoid lifting heavy luggage or else a problem in cervix can occur. Do not share secret things with anyone.

Fortune Star:- 3/5

Weekly Horoscope Cancer / Karkat Rashi


The week will start with auspicious tasks and success in it. You can get both praise and promotion from the official category in the office. Keep moving forward with hard work. You will be happy to spend a good time with your loved ones. There is a strong possibility of improvement in defective works. Keep the mind under control In a changing environment, your policies will create a profit situation in the workplace.

Fortune Star:- 4/5

Weekly Horoscope Leo / Simha Rashi


Sudden increase in the arrival of money will keep you excited. Love will increase in relationships. You can get a hold of money. If you want to change jobs, then you can get opportunities this week.  Time is good for taking decisions related to marriage. Peer friends will appreciate your ability. Deteriorated relations are expected to improve. 

Fortune Star:- 4.5/5

Weekly Horoscope Virgo / Kanya Rashi


Unwanted fear can bother you. People will try to use the words you say against you. A little care and understanding will benefit you. Do not show off in the name of religion. Do not let your morale fall short due to others.

Fortune Star:- 3/5

Weekly Horoscope Libra / Tula Rashi


 You will get meaningful results from hard work. Suddenly you will see the work being done. At the end of the week, your troubles will get vanished. The week will be great to implement the schemes. People will be convinced by your talent. There may be the arrival of loved ones in the house. A new business may start this week.

Fortune Star:- 4.5/5

Weekly Horoscope Scorpio / Brischik Rashi


Do not waste much time in outdoor activities. Do not interact much with colleagues. There may be a problem with infection in the throat. Be nice to your neighbors. Beware of fake phone calls regarding loans etc. You should not trust anyone more in terms of money this week. There will be fear of getting hurt.

Fortune Star:- 3/5

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius / Dhanu Rashi


You will use your internal energy in the right direction. Additional investment can be obtained to increase business. Keep your loyalty towards friends. The popularity of people connected to the public is going to increase. This whole week will prove to be excellent for you. You will be ready to help people.

Fortune Star:- 4/5

Weekly Horoscope Capricorn / Makar Rashi


There may be complaints of insomnia. Distress in relationships can increase due to anger. Do not be negligent about diseases, be sure to investigate. Family discord may occur in the middle of the week. May have to be ashamed due to immoral activities. Your attitude is going to be very sensitive. Chant Shiva Tandava Stotram.

Fortune Star:- 3/5

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius / Kumbha Rashi


You will be happy to have a favorable work. At the beginning of the week, you will be with friends. Keep up with your colleagues. You will feel that you are able to use your time and abilities efficiently. The health of elderly people will be good. Religious rituals will be designed in the home. After mercury transit,  your child-related problems will be solved.

Fortune Star:- 3.5/5

Weekly Horoscope Pisces / Meena Rashi


Whatever project you invest in, you will get favorable results. Couples will enjoy mutual harmony and romance in life. You will be praised for acting selflessly.  You will keep flexibility in your thoughts, due to which you will be loved by all. You can adopt new methods to keep your relationships fresh. This week will also be full of great achievements in your career.

Fortune Star:- 4.5/5

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