Weekly Rashi update | Date from September 06 to September 12 | Rashi: Aries-Pisces

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Weekly Rashi update | Date from September 06 to September 12 | Rashi : Aries-Pisces

The following weekly horoscope is based mostly on the Moon Sign. Moon represents the manas(mind) in Vedic Astrology. On September 06, Moon is in the sign of Aries.

So these horoscopes are based on the panchanga of September 06-September 12.

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This week will be full of romance for loving couples and married couples. You will get support from your parents at every stage of your life, but avoid being too confident. You will go on a journey, but you will not experience much thrill by traveling. The financial condition will be good and you will get big financial benefit.


Luck is in your favour this week. Go for your unfinished work and finish it. Overcome expenses and avoid traveling unsolicited. You are very powerful and you have the ability to face every situation. Seek advice from your elders before taking any financial decision.


The time is favorable to you and you will be able to face every situation easily with your discretion. If you are thinking of changing the job then the time is good and after leaving the job you will get the job of your choice. People will love your tone of speech. At this time, avoid making any kind of manipulation in your business. Pregnant women should take special care of their health.

Karkat Rashi

You will get benefit from every side. You will be able to impress people by doing good work in the office. Do not allow any disturbance in the house. You will always be filled with courage and enthusiasm. You will be able to earn money on the strength of your intelligence and luck. It is not right for you to get angry in any way, so leave the anger and enjoy the time.

Simha Leo Rashi

Time is full of happiness and challenges. You may feel a bit frustrated at this time, but to achieve your goal you have to carry out your work with peace. Be aware of your association and try to make contact with good people. Treat yourself with your colleagues. You will have to wait a bit for promotion.

Kanya Virgo Rashi

Success in business life is certain, but you may get stressed from home. This week you will go through both the stages of happiness and stress. The child may face some problems. Love life will face some ups and downs, but overall love life will be good. It is possible to have economic benefits.



There is an atmosphere of love and happiness around you. This week will be full of romance for loving couples and married couples. You will buy a vehicle or any item for the house. Students will spend more time on the Internet. By constantly trying, success will kiss your footsteps. Avoid uttering harsh words.



Enemies will not be able to harm you in any way. You will spend a lot of money on yourself and your family. Family is standing with you in difficult moments. It will be beneficial for you to tell the whole thing to your family before taking any decision. Health will be good, but do get your family’s health checkup done.


You will get respect and because of your work you will also be honored in the office. Flippant attitude towards love affairs can offend your partner. Respect your lover’s feelings and let them know that you are with them in difficult situations. We will spend more money, but will use it in good work. Make economic decisions carefully. Treat your child with love.


You may feel tired as well as mental stress at the beginning of the week, but things will be in your favor in the middle of the week. Time is good for loving couples. Property related matters will be in your interest and you are likely to benefit from distant relations.


This week will be lucky for you and you will not be troubled by any major problem. Your relationship with your father may be bad, but your siblings will support you, so it is good for you to try to establish the best relationship. Avoid traveling this week unsolicited. Students will get success only through untiring efforts and people who are looking for jobs will have to wait a little longer.


This week, focus on your health and your behavior. Include nutritious food in your diet regularly. You may have a different opinion from your father and elders, so treat them well. Try to live your life with strategy and talk to your children with love.

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