Why Not Wear Gemstones astrologically?

Its is not good idea to wear any gemstones without consulting genuine Vedic Astrologer. It is said that we must not wear any stone related to 2,4,6 or 12 lord house or planets associated with it in native horoscope chart. This might endorse malefic nature of planet to native. Thus we recommend 5 or 9th house and its lord planet and wear associated stones to benefit overall chart.


Finally, its better idea to first test for at least 24 hours wearing it. Examine your proficiency in various thing and the reason you will wear that in the future. At least you must know what is benefic planet naturally. Is natural benefic too benefic for your horoscope? For this, you can join the Facebook group called Ask Jyotish and know your Ascendant. Your benefit planets and the gemstone to wear. This group doesn’t sell or prescribe any gemstone shop. Many recommend you wear very pure, original, which is hard to get in the market, and with flawless, transparent.

How to activate Gemstones?

To activate any gemstones first you need to remove its impurities. When it’s ready to wear any gemstones you first need to get its energy balanced. For this, I will teach you very effective methods here in this link

How to wear?

Gemstones should be worn on the prescribed day on valid muhurta. The gem in the ring should be set in such to touch the skin. This helps the bottom of the ring for maximum results.

There are other Gems for Rahu and Ketu which will be described later in the article. Please don’t forget to visit when updated.

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